Outrage Sunday 126 commandment

It’s good advice. TLA noted evidence of the boom’s decline earlier this week – and here I furnish more proof. The days a Dalkeith virgin could walk down the Terrace carrying a copper pipe, or wheeling a rubbish bin in Claremont, are long gone. donotsteal1Things are so bad even the pleas of Midland shelf stackers are writ large. donotsteal2Even menus in Morley are not safe from the thieving humanity. donotsteal3Here’s the TWOP tip: buy (don’t steal, thanks/please) Alex Manfrin’s calendar. Our blogging overlord will love the anti-Subiaco vibe. Jokes about the Dockers, Julie Bishop, Dixie Marshall et al. At Black Plastic, The Good Store, and other shops for $20 or so. 4%20April

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5 Responses to Outrage Sunday 126 commandment

  1. Snuff says:

    Now that’s a not worst calendar. I wonder if they still drill tiny holes in the teaspoons of St Kilda cafes so the junkies don’t steal them.


  2. hahaha. please don’t steal. Im staring at one (in my shack) right now.


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