sick in Swanbourne

They say we live in a golden age of biography. That may be so – but what is certain is we live in the solid rolled gold age of development artist impressions. This Swanbourne block was sold for $8.2 million and plans are being spruiked for a 205-flat/apartment/penthouse building. The plans are terrific. (But it’s a big PDF file). What is this man doing? Some sort of new Zumba pose? pervertGhosts. With big shadows. invisibleMy favourite. If you’re going to be sick, one of the friendly residents will be happy to give you a hand. beingsick

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5 Responses to sick in Swanbourne

  1. Is that Ghost Goering in full uniform in no2?


  2. Shazza says:

    It doesn’t make sence.


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