Outrage Sunday 101 smudging of energies

I’m trying to get some Bethany time again, but so far no “joy” with this Swan Valley specimen. I suspect her energies are unsmudged.grenacheFar be it from me to unsmudge TLA’s energies, but I fear he will be enrages by this triptych. Krazy Kym dutifully bit into her apple expecting the poster scene to be replicated – but she was not drenched in juice. What the? Cue a predictable Flangemaster diatribe about the worstness of our apples. I will have a lie down on my “doona”.apple1apple2apple3This Mosman Park scene of unsmudged energy was frightening. No wonder the dog is running for his life. My pineal gland was shaken.hoodieNah yeah but look. I may not be able to post next Sunday, as my energies will have been smudged. I will be (and I hope you will be too) at the CWA hall in Serpentine. FORGET that recent Nannup farrago: this is the real deal. Wesak celebrations: full moon, solar eclipse. In case you don’t do the Meetup thing, I have cut’n’pasted for your benefit:

You are invited to attend a special day of celebration. The rural setting of Serpentine has been chosen as the site to conduct this celebration as it is an important Power Node for the earth. Meeting in a spiritual and/or sacred way near to any of the earth’s power nodes is greatly enhanced at the Holy time of Wesak, celebration of the Buddha. Strictly no entrance for “Rainmakers”.

A door to sacred knowledge is opened where changes occur and a new Solar Radiation frequency is projected. This Aquarian Shift or Crystalline (Ascension) Grid allows for the opening of the pineal gland, located in the brain, thus allowing for the expansion and improved clarity of psychic/spiritual vision.
This is a powerful and incredibly charged unique event. Guardians of the Earth will be present. It is a potent time where Divine Light is more easily received, integrated and transformed into wisdom.
With the presence of the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy:
– Any obstacle can be released.
– Acceleration and clarity is enhanced, even for urban planners.


From 10.45am On arrival – smudging of energies
11.00am Start ceremonial introductions – information about Wesak
11.30am Chanting to clear chakras and align energies
11.45am Full Moon IAMU Meditation presented by Joan van Lawick
12.30pm Questions/discussion time
12.45pm Lunch
1.45pm Crystal Bowl Meditation played and presented by Lisa Throssell
2.45pm Afternoon tea


Cost: $5 each to cover ($80 for hall hire), and coffee and tea facilities provided.


Bring: Water bottle, Yoga mat, pillow, doona etc to lie down for the crystal bowl meditation. Lunch to share – finger foods etc, fridge available.


Venue: CWA Hall, Corner Richardson & Tonkin Streets (~ no. 44 on Google Maps) Take Freeway south, turn LEFT at Karnup Road continue into Serpentine, turn RIGHT at the roundabout onto Richardson Street, continue until the corner of Tonkin.

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4 Responses to Outrage Sunday 101 smudging of energies

  1. Snuff says:

    Admirable restraint in not taking the Bic to them apples, Ljuke style, DFOC. Similar kudos to Mosman Park for making the most of the Memorial Hall adjoining the oval where Denis Marshall kicked a bag and despite being related, I kicked bugger all from the half back flank.


    • rottobloggo says:

      Thanks Snuff. Denis is still kicking around town.


      • Snuff says:

        Present company excluded, DFOC, I’m sure that even at 72 Denis is still the most handsome man in town. I was hoping he’d make an appearance at the Reunion of his Red Parrot. Did meet our good host there, however, looking implausibly younger than he did 30 years ago.


  2. Ljuke says:

    I have looked, but I can’t see a drive-thru on that hall. What can be done for the Buddhist-on-the-go?


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