Outrage Sunday 92 ice cold Guinness

Krazy Kym had her book club over yesterday and they were rooting around in my shelves. Imagine my embarrassment when they uncovered my copy of Pride and Prejudice from 30 years ago, complete with boozie juvenilia.janebooziesHappy St Patrick’s Day. Not so happy for the writer of this media release. I detest Guinness – it tastes like the phlegm from Flipper’s blow-hole – but even a fule like me kno you don’t serve it icy-cold.icecoldWelcome to TWoP, Koongamia! One scarcely believes that gracious suburb hasn’t been TWoPped until now. But I know some of us will be keen to head to a Pranic healing workshop today (“address given when appointment made”):

“Ever wanted to experience energy therapy but not sure where to go?Are you curious about the benefits of this natural healing modality?Do you believe there is more to healing ones self than taking a pill?Pranic healing is a beautiful complementary healing modality with many years of research behind it.It is natural and completely safe to use in conjunction with all mainstream treatments including medication.Pranic healing can aid in the healing process of many physical problems and is extremely good and easing the pain of psychological problems such as depression,trauma , anxiety & stress.I am a qualified pranic healer & Pranic psychotherapist and I have appointments available for the curious on Sunday afternoons,Fridays and evenings..All is by donation and given with love.So if you are stressed and looking for a natural healthy way to deal with it or unwell in any way or just plain curious then give me a call to organize a time.I am located near Midland.Kristina ph 0420657932.”

I know Pranic healing helps us deal with the attrocities of life. We need more beautiful complementary healing modalities in these troubled chemtrailed times to help us straighten out our Craics.attrocity


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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 92 ice cold Guinness

  1. Snuff says:

    No. That doesn’t mean I’m not sure where to go. That means I’ve never wanted to experience energy therapy so being sure where to go for it has never come up. No, I’m not. No, I don’t. And unfortunately, Kristina, I’m curious on Saturday afternoons, Thursdays and mornings.


  2. Bill O'Slatter says:

    The Australian crack predates the Irish crack ( invented by the Guiness brewing company). The first Irishmen to Australia ,in their usual clumsy attempts at courtship , asked Aussie sheilas whether they had “good crack”. Needless to say the were surprised at the response.


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