Outrage Sunday 90

More apologies for an OS lite. This week’s excuse: IT on the blink. This Echo stand delighted me. Unnecessary quotation marks and redundant language. As I rushed to the scene of the crime I was hoping they had got independent wrong again, but two out of three ain’t bad. Midland.


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5 Responses to Outrage Sunday 90

    • rottobloggo says:

      “Papyrus is often used where an antique look is desired, such as a coffee shop[3] or church flyer.[4]

      As has been the case with Comic Sans, Papyrus is often criticized by graphic designers, including Chris Costello himself, for being overused.[4]”

      The Wiki don’t lie.


  1. orbea says:

    Its not redundant language, the paper dispenser mentions how nice you smell when you pick up a copy


  2. rottobloggo says:

    More TBOUQM big success!
    (Note how Bethany correctly refers to me as David, not Dave).


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