Inside the Liberal team

That’s the kind of voice in your team that would make your eyes water. By The Grey Gonad. Churchlands. New York style. Looks a little like Lleyton Hewitt. Now he is a knobhead. Sean is no Emo Simpkins though.seanlestrange

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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25 Responses to Inside the Liberal team

  1. Stu says:

    They’re an easy target these Liberal posters (since cleaned up)


  2. Shazza says:

    A Liberal Party member.


  3. blowcock says:

    gold worst. thakyou


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Putting the art back into street art. Thanks Perth Banksy.


  5. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Stephen Strange or Sylvan Albert or Haider Zaman or Trevor Cosh or Eleni Evangel or Troy Bussmell.


  6. skink says:

    it would seem that you don’t have to be strange to be a Liberal, but it helps:


  7. PeteF says:

    A long campaign such as this begs for an APILN style site. Could even keep the acronym.


  8. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Where did Sneaker’s “Railway a Day” go today?


  9. Misspent yoof says:

    Not worst. That is fuk’n awesome.


  10. pete says:

    Did someone at the Liberal Party get a wide format printer for Christmas? Surely they’ve got a better strategy than just bunging up photos of themselves about the place.

    I can only assume they’ve hired a real estate agent to run their campaign this time around.


  11. Richard wood says:

    perth water front ” wot live in winter shadows ”from tall building’s no thank you” let us be bathed in sunlight ,wot about under ground power for perth storm prone areas ,no” its’ much simper to put our power bill up each year, vote’s have lost through arrogance …?


  12. Richard wood says:

    lets face it if it we did not have mining in w.a ,and giving the goods away for peanut’s,where would we be,so stop patting yourself on the back” you in power, for now ,” let me think” for just a moment ‘bring back Alanna for the top job or Busswell just for the hell of it” for we have nothing to lose ,..?


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