Outrage Sunday 29 the James Street Scrolls

But they did not know the secret of the way things are nor did they understand the things of old and they did not know what would come upon them, so they did not rescue themselves by means of the secret of the way things are…

(* A vanished worst ten days on: the strange writing replaced by a blank Target price-tag…see pics at bottom…dogs baffled).

A thousand years from now scholars and sociologists and counsellors will still be teasing out the meaning of this strange tapestry on James Street, Guildford. In 1947 a simple shepherd found the Dead Sea Scrolls; so it was on a Friday in 2011 a simple gerbalist stumbled upon the James Street Scrolls. The shepherd and DFOC: they both had flocks to tend. And a simple gerbalist cannot hope to decode these texts: BPOP, AMEN, LOCKED DOWN BARNETT, 2PAC. I don’t know what it means, but yea verily it is written.It was my destiny to discover the James Street Scrolls: many moons ago, in a more innocent time (like, before the Internet even) I clambered up into Cave 4 with a couple of other likely lads. How innocent? So innocent we didn’t even leave any boozies. We nearly broke our fucking necks climbing out and back up to the top when it was dark, though.I tell you, we worshipped deeply at the altar of Goldstar and Maccabi when we returned to our lodgings.


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15 Responses to Outrage Sunday 29 the James Street Scrolls

  1. shazza says:

    Looks like some deep insight at the end of a hard day on the Swan Vallley beer and wine trail.
    I reckon that dog knows what it’s all about.


  2. No cock and balls in the scroll cave. Shame.
    The James Street ones look like a Bluebeard Bainbridge job.


  3. The Legend 101 says:

    What The Hell!


  4. Paul W. says:

    It’s a testimony/testament to the toughness of a felt marker pen which some primitive scribe used to create the ‘Rosetta brick.’


  5. WarriorTom says:

    No doubt to be treasured as a relic of the burgeoning “Occupy Perth” movement.


  6. rottobloggo says:

    A vanished worst: shocking images of Targeted scrolls added…


    • Ruby Ruby says:

      Was it in response to the expose here?

      Once again, Perth becomes a better place thanks to TWOP?

      Baffled as to how the price tag works with that…


  7. rottobloggo says:

    Of course it was, RR: everything has its price.


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