jugs of cold water

We hadn’t heard from Cookster for a while, and I was guessing he was out of circulation this week due to post-Sexpo enervation, but he has popped up with a tale of two cities.

The first is Albany: the rec room/TV room/kitchen at the King River Palms Caravan Park. All the cold water you want and a special selection of vintage 1970s coffee mugs – gloriously unwashed. Don’t forget the kaput 22cm fatback TV.

The other is Claremont: a bag from Father, in the Quarter. Cookster claims he carried it for an hour before a colleague pointed out the, er, design. I called Father owner Joel Sofi and identified myself as a TWOP reporter.

“I can’t take any claim with ordering it,” Joel said.

He took over the menswear shop six months ago and thousands of bags came as part of the deal.

“It’s one of those things: do I throw away however many grand or do I get rid of them through sales,” Joel said.

“I’m very selective who I give the bag to – I have another bag as well.”

He said the design is from wallpaper in the changeroom of the shop.

“Now it’s on one pillar of the shop,” Joel said.

“It’s been synonymous with what Father has always had over the past eight years.”

“I haven’t had many issues with it and you are the first call about it.”

Are there pix of a topless and smiling Johnny Depp in Sportscraft changing rooms?

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27 Responses to jugs of cold water

  1. Shazz says:

    Wow, even the microwave doesn’t appear to be bolted down. Classy.

    The bag. Oh the bag. What can I say? That’s hilarious. Is it actually legal to walk around carrying that? I have to say I’d give any guy I saw carrying one of those a wide berth.


  2. E.V. says:

    I would carry those magnificent funbags with pride. Throw them away? He’s gotta be kidding!


  3. skink says:

    is TWOP now doing product placement and advertorial?

    ‘if I put tits on this I’m sure to get some free coverage. Maybe the press will whip up some confected outrage, or failing that, maybe a bit of internet chatter.’


  4. Pete says:

    What a fabulous rec room, of a time when the other attraction of Albania was still catching whales.

    claremont 1/4 being on the Freo line makes these white boozies on brown paper art boozies no?


  5. JaneZ says:

    Are those windows made of asbestos?


  6. Bento says:



  7. WAtching says:

    Needs more laminated signs. I’m not sure whether the microwave a ‘right’ or a ‘privelege.’


    • Bento says:

      Microwave is always a privilege. The kettle plugged into the dishwashing tub, however, is a right.


    • orbea says:

      plenty of “do not..”‘s written directly on the wall

      reminds me of the caravan park rec room in Corryong. Watching the World Cup final. temperature was -4degC.
      Put on the heater the RCD flicked, tv went out.
      TV won – so did Brasil, 2002


  8. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    “I’m very selective who I give the bag to …”

    That is not to 12yo boys who might put it under the mattress and treat themselves in a manner not approved by the Catholic Church? Now I don’t know whether I would be more or less offended if I got the fun-bags bag. Modern life is so confusing.


  9. The Legend 101 says:

    Erl is that first picture someone house?


  10. B.T. says:

    I’m going shopping.


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  13. Had I been networked at the time of this post, I would have said
    Cookster: Toughen Fuck Up.
    Love the funbag bag.


  14. cookster says:

    Why did I miss this post? I have done something to my brain… can I just say, that boozie bag was given to my dear old Mum when she went in to pick up a pair of shoes for me. ‘Here son, here’s your shoes and a bag covered in norks while we’re at it’. I do believe she walked around Claremont and Subi clutching that bag for a good three hours and had no idea what was on it – thanks for the mammaries Joel!

    TLA, sleeping in a leaking tent in freezing Albany is tough as it gets. Cojones of steel…


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