injecting vibrancy

Neil says this tagged sign on level one of the state library is “close to his heart”. That is understandable, Neil. He also sent the syringe awareness tile, which is on the edge of Hyde Park. I hope no TWOPers are keeping syringes close to their hearts. I have a song in my heart, and it could be because I am soon off to drink litres of sparkling that will be provided by someone else.

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15 Responses to injecting vibrancy

  1. pete says:

    Never? What if you’ve just a hit and the syringe fell out of your hand? Do you just leave it there?

    Why are the Town of Vincent spending rate payers money these on liberal do gooder campaigns to have junkies leaving their syringes wherever they fall. It’s just outrageous.


    • rottobloggo says:

      I could not agree more, Pete.

      I did not fight the fuzzy-wuzzies on the Dark Continent with my digger mates as Jap grapeshot shredded my Akubra while being bayoneted by cheese-eating surrender monkeys to come home to this.

      The terrorists have won.


      • orbea says:

        City of Stirling Councillor Colonel Rod (Blimp) Willox reported saying “nigger in the woodpile” at a meeting about sporting facilities – Stirling Times, keeps getting re-elected as he has the RSL aged care village in his Stirling ward.
        Just getting ready for ANZAC Day.

        They dont like it up ’em


  2. Shazzanator says:

    It’s too late for the peeps in that shot (see what I did there?)


    • Lucky Star says:

      Indeed we did Shazza!

      The face at the bottom left looks like it’s waiting for anything left in one of those syringes. The one to the far right looks it’s having a bad trip.


  3. Bartender's Skills with a Manhatten says:


    At that scale, those must be long-lost structural elements of SkyLab finally plummeted to Earth?

    Unless Godzilla is a diabetes sufferer.


  4. The Legend 101 says:

    Dont do it little children and also what a good door number not.


  5. Common Sense Fairy says:

    You people are pathetic. That tile is one of many which was done by kids of the nearby primary school (Highgate Primary) for other kids/youth. They were set into the paths around the school and park many, many years ago. Get your bloody facts straight first, it’s not a “liberal do-gooder campaign” and never was.


  6. rottobloggo says:

    Bloody do-gooders. I apologise CSF.
    I didn’t storm Earls Court with my mates being decimated by kamikazes thrown by nulla-nullas on the Wipers and lose my eyelashes to hayfever to come home to this rubbish. Good DAY sir.


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