Moving from Cockburn to the nearby Kwinarnia, also on Cockburn Sound. A burnt out troika in Mark McGown country. A much better example of the McGowan ouvre than this or indeed this. Which will last longer, our memories of Mainy or saying LOL? From Matt E.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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21 Responses to LOLburn

  1. B.T. says:

    What kind of Carburn is this? Sigmaburn? Falconburn? Hyundaiwhatchamacallitburn?


    • B.T. says:

      oh yeah, I forgot… LOL.


    • I’ve been “burnt” before making make and model guesses. The Turnip Bag will set us straight.


      • Cobbler says:

        Commodoreburn, or maybe the rarer ToyotaLexcenburn.


      • Bag O'Turnips says:

        And indeed he will.

        It’s a Holden VN (or possibly, a VP) Conformadore, always a favourite amongst those who can appreciate the finer points of both acceleration and accelerant. VNs had the highest likelihood of being stolen amongst all the Commodores built since 1978 (their debut year), as they had a winning combination of both being quick (faster than the VLs, believe or not) and allowing ease of forced entry (the VP began to address this with a standard immobilising system, as well as improved locks), surely LOL for insurance companies and the police, who were still utilising the V8 BT1 Pack versions of these in their pursuit cars, chasing stolen examples in the late 80s and well into the 90s (they now just use six-pots, which have more than enough oomph).

        I know that it’s one of the 1988 to 1993 models, as it has a straight sill line along the side windows (the VR-VS models have an opera window that curves slightly upwards aft of the C-pillar). I’m more inclined to guess that it’s a VN (1988-1991), as far as I can see (given the rather grainy and blurry image on hand), in that there’s no cutout in the front fender for a side repeater light (which were mandatory by 1992), nor does the front indicator seem to sweep back into the sides more, two of the more noticeable differentiations that mark a VP (1991-1993) on its side silhouette.

        Not many examples of either model are left on the roads, disappearing in particularly large numbers in the last five-or-so years (the average lifespan of a vehicle is about 14-15 years in WA). Not as if they’ll be particularly missed, though.


    • Hugh Jass says:



  2. Pete says:

    Synchronicity – I used this wreck for a photography project & took a shot of the fucklol for submission as well.
    Small world.
    I’m a little glad I didn’t submit it though. I’ve been feeling the love recently with featured worsts but not sure where it’s leading.


  3. orbea says:

    Apostrophe song


  4. Bento says:

    Could’ve used some lime green highlights.


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