Blue Hornet – A Cavalcade of Perversion

DMc thought youse might appreciate this. A band who have played at every one of the definitive Perth and surrounds Worst events. Their website is almost as bad as the Mens Confraternity too which is an added bonus. Would love to see the setlist.

Perth Venus! Gold!

I have pixellated the band photos just leaving the events and venuses as BH were concerned about copyright, (seriously would anyone want to copy anything from this 1996 style web page?) but have a look for yourselves.

Blue Hornet

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73 Responses to Blue Hornet – A Cavalcade of Perversion

  1. Paracleet says:

    Didn’t play Inseminators ’09? What madness is this??


    • They may have made a moral stand against the poster.


    • Jesus Smith says:

      Just found this thread….So you guys get paid to sit at home and hang shit or are you just so lonely, sad and socially inept that this is all you have to do.
      So they go out, make a noise, have a few drinks(supplied. Maybe a meal as well) put up with drunks, have a bit of fun and get paid. They are only playing tunes that work.
      I was looking for a band for an upcoming event and google bought up this little gem of a thread.

      A quick search shows they played the B’n’S 2009 and 2010.


      • And then it turned out that it was you that was sad lonely and inept sitting at home googling Blue Fucking hornet. Where did all these social retards come from this week?
        Why don’t you get straight to the “loosers” or get a life?
        Get a life you sad looser.


        • WAtching says:

          I like the idea that these urbotards PUBLISH information about themselves online and then accuse people who read it of stalking.


        • shazza says:

          Whose getting paid to hang shit on others? I volunteer my time and wit free of charge buddy.


        • Jesus Smith says:

          See…….. you really should learn how to spell. It makes you look less intelligent when you let loose a tirade and spell or use basic words wrong.
          “Loser”, that would be someone who confuses satire and humour with populist opinion.
          “Looser” as in, “He has a looser grasp of the English language than a 6yr old”.
          Using the word “cunt” in your last post high lights your failed language skills. I know you used it for impact,and good on you for trying, but it failed. You just came across as one of the demographic that you were previously belittling.
          Your blog should be nominated for The Worst of Perth.
          Unfunny, ill researched and written like a 10yr old had a go at it. My god man, how can you even put yourself out there like that.
          But dont let me put you off. You keep going tiger.

          No I didnt book Blue Hornet. I was looking for a Jazz quartet or similar.
          If anyone knows of one, let me know. Thanks.


      • Bill O'Slatter says:

        Jeeezzzzus , they would not exist without this site!


      • I’m not sure The Blue Tits are going to thank you for reviving a post no one had looked at for months just to remind everyone how awful a band prospect they seem and how the only person outside rurotards that support them seems to be a sad looser sitting at home… And I bet you didn’t book them either right? Blue Tits to Jesus, “Thanks for nothing cunt.”


      • orbea says:

        a quick woogle of Jesus Smith reveals a narcissistic perthonality disorder, 12.38 on a saturday morning after a friday night out at the Kardinya Tavern, one too many Bundy Reds and a street pizza on gilbertson road, and then a desultory attempt at masturbation over Miss Nude has no nipple.

        Am I right?



  2. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    I remember their logo from the Leopold – used to stand outside and scoff at it. Terrible, terrible font. Real crowd-pleaser. Well found


  3. David Cohen says:

    Are they available for the Media Ball? How much do they charge?


  4. David Cohen says:

    Start the car: they are at the Goomalling Las Vegas Ball on Saturday night!


  5. orbea says:

    “Ladies hold on to your knickers, because Dave Haynes has taken the stage.”
    “this sexy smooth guitarist makes the all the right moves.”
    “yes ladies, Bond keeps the rhythm of the night on the beat”

    Desperate much?


  6. Snuff says:

    I endured their videos on failbook long enough to discern the following songs being butchered, TLA. Betterman. What’s going on (4 Non Blondes, not Marvin Gaye). Sadie, the cleaning lady. Downunder. Take me out. Prisoner of society. Holy Grail (sorry, Hunnas). Living on a prayer. Don’t look back in anger (sorry, Oasis). Having said that, kudos for honouring Spinal Tap. Not one mention of the drummer.

    p.s. I also found this, which anyone foolhardy brave enough to go up against Bushpigs is welcome to use.


    • What about that “I get knocked down, I get up again..?” thing. Wait, Sadie teh cleaning lady?


    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      Research bordering on insanity. According to the attendees at their gigs
      “Summer of 69 …
      Don’t look back in anger, Longview, Eye of the Tiger, Prisoner of Society, Boys Light Up, Figure You Out, Shimmer……
      Anything by BON JOVI.
      That’s Freedom by John Farnham and anything by The Carpenters.
      Sadie the Cleaning Lady
      Islands in the stream Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
      Holy Grail.
      I believe in a thing called love by the darkness
      Everlasting love and fly me to the moon
      Living on a prayer
      Sweet Child of Mine… the gambler.
      Slide by Goo goo dolls”
      And are keen to inflict their originals. These are not just a covers band.


  7. WAtching says:

    I noticed they’ve played ‘Murrin Murrin.’
    Wonder if they liked the food.


  8. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Oats Supply, the local band whom all the great 80s artists have covered, and who when not touring the world have played The Wembley, somewhere in Girrawheen apparently, the “Port City High” 2009 prom, someone’s 40th birthday, and so on, have a very funny website with some amazing attention to detail: the Top Shelf for the Bottom Rung social justice campaign, an extensive blog, album covers, etc. I particularly like lead singer Silky de Har’s YoutubeState of the Nation address. Someone please tell me that the whole thing is a complete put-on.


  9. Squirt says:

    So let me see, you spend your time insulting one of Perth’s greatest sounding rock bands, claim that they are the worst of Perth and create a bad name for them all because you dislike their web page? Although their web page layout may not be as up to date as Paris Hilton’s last nose job you cannot claim that they are the worst band in Perth. First of all, have you even heard them play? I’m sure you will find that they are actually a terrific cover band who play all the classic rock songs. Your blog thankfully does not directly criticize their playing, but does use pathetic and unthoughtful type of ‘humour’ to diss their setlist. Seriously if you are going to even go to the trouble of creating a ridiculous, and lame blog about blue hornet just because you dislike their website list it under ‘perths worst websites’ not ‘perths worst band’. Although this blog is probably history, you’ve still burdened this band with this unfair and inaccurate title.

    YOU sir should be more thoughtful otherwise before you know it, you’ll be blogged as ‘the worst of perth’


  10. shazza says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha h ahahhaaaaaaah ah ha ha ha ha ha. Priceless.
    “spend your time insulting one of Perth’s greatest sounding rock bands”
    “actually a terrific cover band”
    “unthoughtful type of ‘humour’ to diss their set list”
    “Seriously if you are even going to go to the trouble of creating a ridiculous, and lame blog about Blue Hornet..”

    Please stop, your’e killing me. Which band member are you Squirt?


  11. Squirt says:

    Well Shazza let me tell you I am a member of another band other then the blue hornet and I as a musician in particular can appreciate their very obvious talents. Laugh it up all you like! :)


  12. Chl123 says:

    lololol shazza sounds like a name for a bogan sitting on the couch drinking vb.

    husband- “OI shazza, weres the fucking tv remote gone.

    doesnt it fit jst perfectly.


  13. The Legend 101 says:

    i comfused when the Menus part.


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