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I may be forced to go back to 7 days posting, on some weeks at least to deal with submissions and other stuff I want to put up. I was thinking about using Sundays for websites. They don’t usually qualify for TWOP, as they are not original material, but there are some exceptionally bad Perth websites out there. I really like ones that combine hideous design with idiotic content. If you’ve ever read the West letters page, you will often have seen someone called Mark Ward boo hooing about how downtrodden men are by their evil feminist overlords. He is the convener for the Men’s Confraternity. For convener, read “plonker”. For confraterity read “losers”.

Men are the aboriginies of the world

Men are the aboriginies of the world

Much more amusing, though even more loopy than the band of blubberers at the confraterity is the hidden mysteries website, which I have mentioned in comments before. Like the confraternity, it is also a masterpiece of shit design. Apparently The Belltower, and perhaps the whole of Perth is a Freemason’s conspiracy. Or something. From the author, who could be HP Lovecraft by the sound of it.

Alarm bells rang for me when I first saw the bell tower design in the West Australian newspaper and increased by many decibels when the ‘new’ design was foisted upon us. My curiosity and limited knowledge of sacred geometry, secret societies and ancient myth was aroused and the further I investigated the affair the more ominous (and obvious) the plot appeared.

And I thought the Belltower was all about Dickie Court having a tiny todger. the site is quite old, so TWOP may also be doing a service by archiving the Belltower’s sacred geometry.

Beware the Tower of Todger.

Beware the Tower of Todger.

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12 Responses to Worst Web Sunday

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  2. Cookster says:

    TLA – did you not know that there is an underground tunnel linking the Scarborough Beach Cock, um, Clock Tower to the Bell End Tower.

    The first was the masterplan of Charlie Court, the second great monument the brainchild of son Dickie.

    Both men were fond of large erections by the water.


  3. Snuff says:

    Interesting idea, TLA. I won’t dignify the first one with a response, however, should I ever meet anyone by the name of Mark Ward, I’ll definitely be following this example of reasoning with conspiracy theorists, such as Bart Sibrel.

    For my contribution, I don’t know anything about Perth websites, so I’d like to channel Sergio Leone and offer something Good, Bad, and Ugly, in typically contrarian reverse order.

    Ugly. I was too busy gouging my eyes out to see what Franz was on about here. ( NSF epileptics, btw )


    Bad. A tough choice in a vast field, but this one got up on the strength of its name, and the wonders of its slideshow. Yes, TLA, it’s the Creation Museum, Taxidermy Hall of Fame of N C, and Antique Tool Museum. Next time I’m in North Carolina, I know where I’ll be heading.


    Good. Starck. Would that all websites were so perfect. What I’ve always loved about Philippe’s work is that it invariably challenges. Is it beautiful, ugly, or something unnameable beyond those polarities ? I don’t know, and that’s why I love it.



  4. You need to fix the hell’s bells link…


  5. Oh PJN. thanks. done. I could respond with “Why don’t you ever update your blog?”


  6. Just ain’t got angry enough!

    Was really pissed for those two entries – Haneef was being obviously framed, and the blatant politicking over science peeves me even more…


  7. My Ning says:

    I’m sure it was Mr Ward who ran as a WA senator in the last federal election. I laughed aloud when I saw his name while in the polling booth. Still, I think I voted for him before the Libs…

    Apparently he used to be an undertaker who started growing concerned about the number of guys who were topping themselves because they were badly treated by Family Services.

    While it is a noble thought to come forward and speak on behalf of all those poor downtrodden blokes who have fallen behind in the white female hegenomy, the fact he seems to hate childless lesbians as well suggests that maybe there is a hidden, far more reaching, agenda at work in his misogynist rantings….


  8. Yes, whatever real grievances these guys have, they do everything wrong in trying to do something about them. Whining that they are more downtrodden than women and indigenous is just farcical. I’d start with a good website design and a new convener.


  9. poor lisa says:

    It’s Mike Ward. Just in case anyone decides to villify any unfortunate Mark Wards they might happen to meet.

    It’s true about him being a former undertaker (probably not a very good one if he couldn’t detach his emotions and politics from the clients); he was a member of the relevant union’s state council at a time when 2 feminists of my acquaintance were the senior elected officials. He and they freaked each other out equally during meetings I believe.

    Needs to study some feminist history to get some ideas about organising I think. Letters to the editor and loony websites didn’t get us ladies into the position supreme world domination that we enjoy today.


  10. You have to admit he has a point there though…some men are indeed aboriginies, and vice versa. You can’t argue with logic like for long and hope to win.
    Remember, it’s immoral to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.


  11. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    He shaved his mustache!


  12. The Legend 101 says:

    Facebook.com everyone talks to strangers and gets killed.


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