Design Inseminators 2010

Since the Inseminators 09 committee copped so much flack for their poster last year, I thought I’d run a competition for design suggestions for the 2010 event that might help them. I have a pack of Blue Stratos as a prize, with some TWOP tshirt or product as well. Make them 640 pixels wide.Do you want to do poll voting again, or let me decide? Probably run it for a couple of weeks. Here’s my suggestion.

inseminators 2010

Elegy in a Wheatbelt Caryard, by Outrage Cohen

Armed by Brik

Bush Pig by Natalia Fan #1

Bush Ball by Mez

Doggy Style by Artheretic

Basting by Vegan

On The Job by Vegan

WB by Bag O' Turnips

Bunny's Revenge by Cowpat

Burnout by Paracleet

Royalty for the regions by Skink

Boots by Snuff

Woodstock by Ljuke

Bored by Bento

Nervous by Belyea

Paintballz by WAtching

Inseminotards by WAtching
Wascally by Bento

"Foam" by Snuff

"Mucky Duck" by Peter

Bushpigs by Snuff

Inseminat'er by Natalia Fan#1

Cyst by Jaidyn-Jaxxon

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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167 Responses to Design Inseminators 2010

  1. shazza says:

    Definately by vote.
    Just remember people it’s not all about the rooting. Hang on a minute, maybe I mixed that up and it is all about the rooting ? Did we ever get to the bottom of that?


  2. skink says:

    is it possible to do this without resorting to the same sort of stereotypes that we criticised in the first place?

    all my ideas have consisted of animals, casual sex, and casual sex with animals

    and stupidity


  3. Paracleet says:

    And how do we prevent the usual branch stacking?


  4. Shreiking Wombat says:
  5. vegan says:

    for starters tla, that font is far too sophisticated.


  6. WAtching says:

    I’m on it, TLA.

    And I intend to win.


  7. Snuff says:

    If we can’t come up with anything indecent, TLA, they could always enlist the incomparable David Thorne.


  8. orbea says:

    No Curtin B&S????????

    stupid bumpkins couldn’t organise a root in a brewery

    I was thinking something along the lines of royal refugees for regions –
    based in Laverton.


  9. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Just occurred to me how much pixelated Arnie resembles Ben Cousins. The Southern Cross tattoo helps to reinforce the impression for me. Very well done to other competitors so far – I’m going for the crude vote.


  10. vegan says:

    i’m liking that dog rooting the bush pig.


  11. Hugh Jass says:

    Hey Jaidyn-Jaxxon, there’s not enough CB antennas or bumper stickers on the red holden ute, I think it needs a bit of work mate… c’mon.


  12. I love the Mucky Duck touch by Peter. Snuff, your foam one looks like an actual ad for B&S.


    • rolly says:

      But it’s all wrong! There are “people of color” in the picture.

      Not having been rustic myself for a coon’s age (pardon the pun), I’m not sure that regional attitudes have improved quite that much.


      • Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

        I’m with you, it’s difficult to comprehend, yet a quick scan of the faces will confirm that they are indeed ‘rustics’. Pretty sure that’s from the B&S website (either that or it’s the Quairading Community Theatre’s ‘Urotsukidoji of the Outback’). Political correctness gone mad I tells ya.


    • Snuff says:

      Oh. Is that foam ?


  13. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    So far I’m voting snuff for the apostrophe’s and the bushpig. Can anyone confirm that B & S stands for Bulls & Sows?


  14. Rotto cohen says:

    Is that the best youse can do?

    Youse will be crushed like bugs.


  15. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    So far a toss up between JJ’s “Cyst” and Snuff’s “Bushpigs” for me.


  16. skink says:

    has anyone posted this from the Gruen Transfer yet?

    the Bogan Proof Fence is inspired

    and ‘in rocks we trust’


  17. Bento, I thought you said you had no design skills? Bored is very good.


  18. Natalia Fan #1 says:



  19. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    like you’re entry’s bento


    • Bento says:

      Cheer’s JJ.

      I wa’s concerned a gag about rural ‘suicide wa’s in poor ta’ste, even for me. But remember, it wa’s ‘Shazza who wa’s “pro”, not me.


  20. Mez says:

    “Nervous by Belyea” is in comic sans – thats gotta be worth a vote


  21. Mez says:

    Belyea would never reveal his Surname in a public forum… uh oh


  22. Ljuke says:

    It’s okay, the winner’s up now. We can close the competition. I’ll be drinking Blue Stratos and coke tonight.


  23. skink says:

    what? where’s mine?

    I almost didn’t bother doing anything since Snuff’s combination of pig, dog and abandoned vehicles is sublime.

    now I wish I hadn’t (sniff)


  24. skink says:

    Nice John Howard tweet

    it’s what everyone is thinking


  25. Bento says:

    Nice work, Paracleet.

    We never did clarify whether the rooting was intrinsic, or incidental.


  26. WAtching says:

    “Bunnys Revenge” by Cowpat is awesome.

    TLA: I don’t envey you having to trim down the list to finalists.


  27. WAtching says:

    “Bunnys Revenge” by Cowpat is awesome.

    TLA: I don’t envey you having to trim down the list to finalists.


  28. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Nice work new competitors, but I’ve been reliably told again and again over the past few days that mine is amongst the funniest and most real, if not the funniest and most real. How did I know that Turnips’ eventual entry would somehow exploit obscure car lore?


  29. skink says:

    there is a magnificent photo on page 11 of today’s West from the re-opening of the Iron Clad pub in Marble Bar

    men in big hats kissing lovely ladies, watched by dogs

    good material, if anyone needs it.


    • Snuff says:

      Men kissing dogs in big lovely hats, watched by ladies, might go better, skink. Sounds promising, anyway. There’s been some fantastic submissions of late. Bushpigs is, in part, an homage to the magnificent Gateway to Dog Swamp, so it’s great to see you and Artheretic building on the theme.


      • skink says:

        I voted for ‘Gateway to Dog Swamp’, and I will be voting for ‘Bushpigs’ when I get the chance. It’s no contest really.

        that is if it passes LA’s scrutiny and makes it to the shortlist.

        don’t you just hate it when some third party decides, behind closed doors, who you get the chance to vote for?


        • Snuff says:

          Let’s be very clear about this. Bushpigs will be going into this election as the underdog. It’s as simple as that.

          Nope, skink, but I do enjoy the hypocritical squealing of those whom only do when it applies to their opposition.


  30. Artheretic says:

    I think that Bento and myself should get a seperate award for the most subtle commentary


  31. shazza says:

    I’m liking them all, but big props to Cowpat’s bunny’s revenge


  32. Outrage slips in with the last entry.


  33. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Ok – if DFOC wins, as predicted here, for a last minute “literary” entry, with such a simple (albeit clever) adaptation of a text such as Gray’s Elegy, I’ll be most pissed off.


  34. skink says:

    can’t we just award it to Snuff now?

    he couldn’t be a more obvious, rational choice even if he had red hair


  35. country boy says:

    is this a “joke’??

    you blokes have too much time on you’re hands. i dont see the point and noone of you have been to a B&S.

    Some of the words in the poem aren’t spelled right – wanker.


  36. The Legend 101 says:

    V.W utes in W.A are an icon, Considering there made in Germany somewhere.


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