72 Responses to Wall Mounted

  1. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Antenna Upgraders disgust me.


  2. shazza says:

    I wonder what he’s wearing while you talk online?


  3. skink says:

    doing the big A


  4. David Cohen says:

    It’s all about improving the digital experience.


  5. B.T. says:

    Antenna man Rampant?


  6. Onanist says:

    Is there also digital installation?


  7. David Cohen says:

    All OK on the website:

    “G’day my name is Andrew and I run TV Antennas Perth. We are a local family run Business that specialises in TV antennas, Satellite & Home Theatre installations all across Our beautiful city of Perth.

    “Together with my family and colleagues we operate one of the largest antenna installation Companies in WA focused on providing 5 star customer services while using high quality Australian made products. We are a reliable bunch of trained TV professionals who know What we are doing and more importantly enjoy what we do. Between us we have years Of local antenna experience and have never come across a TV problem we could not solve. We succeed where others fail!

    “We currently work with many building companies, real estate agents and High St Electrical stores. However our Main focus is on helping out Perth locals with their TV problems and providing digital TV readiness before the coming switch off in 2013

    “From Two rocks to Mandurah We have enough resources to handle any job anywhere Any time. We can rewire entire city buildings; attach antennas to boats, schools and churches Or just pop over to grandmas house to retune her TV.

    “Our typical response time is 1 or 2 days, and we are always happy to work with Our customers towards a mutually agreeable schedule and budget”


  8. shazza says:

    I’ll be sure to give Andrew a call should my grandma need some tuning.


  9. Shreiking Wombat says:

    I have to share. Via Boing Boing:

    “… Animal Review, the blog that reviews animals, as though they were books, albums or snooty French restaurants. For instance, in a contrarian drubbing, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Christopher Hitchens laid into Mother Teresa, Animal Review gave pandas an “F” (later revised to an “F+”):”



  10. ronggly says:

    More from the website:


    If They Are Not On The List “Its Not Worth The Risk!”

    Must Have Use Of A Digital Signal Meter That Is Capable Of Measuring Digital Signal Level, Bit Error Ratio (Ber) and Modulation Error Ratio (Mer)
    They Are Portable Precise Digital Spectrum Analysers Costing Upward Of $3000 – 5000 each. Antenna “Experts” That Don’t Have One of These Are Really Just Shooting In the Dark

    A Mistake You Will Be Paying For When The TV Picture Breaks Up! And water starts leeking In


  11. Hugh Jass says:

    I Hate It When People Put Capital Letters At The Start Of Every Word On Their Web Site, It Really Gives Me The Shits.


  12. Maddison-Jaxon Tyler-Mason says:

    For The Same Rea son That Everything Has A Capital Letter And Words Like Leaking That Are Quite Common In English But Require An Attentive Education Until At Least Year 4 Are Misspelled


  13. Boris says:

    If free oversize thumb drives and dodgy logos from people who didn’t finish year 10 are the worst things that Perth has to offer, then Perth is pretty fucking awesome…

    Try harder..


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  15. Hah, Antenna Man has fucked around with the logo, making it well…fucked. Dude, time to start from scratch.


  16. The Legend 101 says:

    Dont like the caltex logo that stupid big star it’s not even a good petrol station.


    • Bento says:

      Why are you wasting all this great material in the comments, TL101? You really should be taking pics and emailing them to TLA.


  17. The Legend 101 says:

    Jeremy i hope your not talking to me


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