Red Rooter

Finally life imitates art. Would any other letter dared to have dropped off? Captured by Sarnia at the Midland Rootery.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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41 Responses to Red Rooter

  1. monkeypants says:

    Another one- Taren Point NSW – maybe they are rebranding?

    Red Rooter


  2. shazza says:

    Drop off TLA? I’m continuing with my conspiracy angle from yesterday and saying deliberate removal. Probably by a drunk apprentice electrician with a girlfriend named Sheryl.


  3. Bento says:

    Was Sarnia hiding behind the statue to get this pic covert-style?


    • Sarnia says:

      No, I was actually sitting in my car, all covert-like ;) (that’s my car door pillar you can see)
      It is Midland, you know! :p
      That particular RR, would qualify for a WOP award itself! :-o


      • Maddison-Jaxon Tyler-Mason says:

        I ate there, ATE there, in the last two weeks and can confirm it was zxxxxxx xxxxxx Slightly XXXXXXXX though was Midland’s other Red Rooster on the highway (just opposite the Po Po Chinese restaurant) which had a sign up ‘appologising’ for any ‘inconveniance’


  4. ronggly says:

    Here’s another one near Yass, NSW.


  5. David Cohen says:

    I prefer Hungry Jock’s.

    I’m never sure if there are ravenous underpants or a starving Scotsman inside.


  6. edwarddebozo says:

    Possible a good sponsor for Tiger Woods


  7. Kegs of Export says:

    Only in Midland… did I see a guy pissing on the drive thru of that very same Red Rooter store.


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