Crackpot of Last Resort

The Worst of Perth really is becoming the last resort of the desperate  and the crackpot. Goodkid is hilariously starting a facebook petition to have the Cockburn faces removed from the station. The faces were an early big post on TWOP but are well worth a revisit. It was a good example of an interesting idea that looked stupid when implemented. The faces they ended up with were terrible. Goodkid says (or perhaps mumbles,)

The “Faces of the Community” are created by numb skull designers- placing 2000 women and children to create two horrid faces. Simple amateur photoshop skills used!!
I have started to take steps in regards to removal of this. I have contacted a member of the Cockburn council. They claim to have nothing to do about it and have handed me to two companies- Australand and Landcorp. I am currently in investigation mode to find who can help change this.
Within a weeks time, I will be holding a photoshop competition on Facebook for people to redesign this piss poor excuse of art. There will be two categories- Fun and Serious. The serious ones will be submitted to the company/persons responsible as realistic options to replace this eyesore. I am currently looking for sponsors to encourage people to come up with ideas.

Sounds like Goodkid should also be helping with the South perth flag problem.

Speaking of Councils, Bento suggests everyone has a look at the City of Swan’s employment site.

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120 Responses to Crackpot of Last Resort

  1. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Fuck me dead. Couldn’t the Swan City Council have come up with a better theme than The Brady Bunch?


  2. vegan says:

    i wasn’t sure whether bento was referring to the brady bunch, or that the page is about swan jobs.


  3. Richarbl says:

    I have heard of blowjobs and handjobs but swanjobs?

    Maybe someone has a link, not you monkeypants!


  4. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Another ideal going away present for Lannie “Trainee” McTrannie.


  5. Ljuke says:

    I thought the Alsation Rampant was slated for that spot? If not, surely TWOP should have it’s own comp.


  6. shazza says:

    Best of luck Goodkid. Keep us posted on how things go.


  7. Mez says:

    uh oh, a petition to remove art. That’s a worst


  8. Pfortner says:

    They should simply convert it to a giant ‘missing persons’ board, which is pretty much what it looks like anyway, and do the community some good.


  9. ronggly says:

    I like it. At least it is original. And (1) provides a clever, contemporary critique on the increasing use of photoshop in advertising posters; and (2) reminds us of the appearance of the average person, distinct from the fake beauty in other posters.


  10. skink says:

    first WAtching’s excellent ‘Cock’ sign was painted over,

    now they want to remove this

    if they both go then the area will have absolutely nothing of note except a faintly humorous name.

    the piece was created by Rodney Glick, who has a dry sense of humour and may have been taking the piss.

    if the billboards do go, I think they should be replaced with this sculpture, 50 feet high straddling the freeway

    that would put Cockburn on the map


  11. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Canadians respond to ice-hockey loss to US:

    Plus fuck pancakes.


  12. pete says:

    Is it just me or has using something some dickhead did on Facebook, for news, become a bit of a worst over the past few weeks.


  13. gregoryno6 says:

    The Brady Bunch. If City of Swan was any more backward they’d all be out on the verandah with their banjos.
    Come and work in the City of Swan


  14. Bento says:

    The only things stupider than petitions are Facebook petitions.


  15. Goodkid says:

    It cant believe people can be so naive… i think i do bring up a valid point despite its a “social networking site” facebook petition or not.. I thought this was the right place to voice my opinion on what I thought was wrong in the everlasting growing city.

    The “Face of community” artwork can be turned into something that could be better used for the local community (that has to see ths everyday)- time, date, local community events etc… this so called artwork is often misinterpreted by many people that are unfamiliar to what it may be representing- missing persons? wanted person?. I honestly love the concept but hate the outcome.

    It’s like as if the clients have given the designers short deadline.. and the designers have said.. sorry, this is the best we could do with one day of layering and photoshop”.

    Although this may sound like a personal cause… it’s a cause that more than a small majority people agree, is just cause. (just check out the small amount of fans that I have on the facebook group)

    I just want this visually disgusting thing to be replaced with something more elegant.. not only for myself and my community..

    I believe that myself and other people of this community have the right to the freedom of speech… but I decided that was the person to actually to do something about it..


    • shazza says:

      Good for you goodkid. This was the right place to come.

      Don’t be put off by a cynical few. (Personally I think FB is as good a place as any for a petition). Keep us posted.


      • Bento says:

        I agree, FB *is* as good a place as any for a petition.

        I don’t hate the concept, or the result.

        Would you seriously rather this be used as a clock and calendar, and for promoting Carols by Candlelight and the City of Cockburn ‘Las Vegas Legends’ free concert?


        • shazza says:

          I don’t really care about the pics at all. I don’t go that way often enough. What I like is that someone who is clearly offended by them is getting off his arse and doing something. People don’t have to agree with the aim, or the method, but at least support the action. As opposed to cynical apathy.
          I suppose what I’m saying is you’ve got to have your ‘doers’ whether you agree with them or not. And now I’m too old and lazy to be a doer, I can at least encourage others.


    • Mez says:

      Hi Goodkid. Are you are assuming that the majority hate it because no one has started a Facebook petition in favour of not removing the artwork? Thousands of Perth residents drive past this piece everyday (as they do the wiggly lightpoles) and I doubt that all of them think of it as “visually disgusting”. This is a personal judgement on your part. Your Facebook petition page has simply attracted a majority who agree with you. This does not equal a majority of Perth.


  16. ronggly says:

    Goodkid is not “getting off his arse and doing something”,
    he is sitting back in front of his computer and criticising a
    public work of art. Something all of us do. He created a
    petition on Facebook ?, wow !, what an effort !
    Goodkid says “I just want this visually disgusting thing to
    be replaced with something more elegant.. not only for
    myself and my community..”
    Why is this visually disgusting ? and why should we have
    something more elegant ?

    The fact that a work of art elicits criticisms such as
    Goodkid’s is a point in its favour, IMO. If his campaign to have this stuff removed on the grounds that is is visually offensive succeeds, they’ll put some bland commercial
    crap in its place, that won’t offend anyone. Is that what you
    want, can’t you live with art that isn’t elegant ?


  17. Ljuke says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Big Nanna is watching you?


  18. Silent Nick says:

    Anyone who thinks that these images constitutes actual art is an idiot. I could do the same thing with my computer in about half an hour, does that make what I made art?

    Even if they at least filled in the horrible white space behind the images, it looks like they’re in an infinite void. Though, mind you, if I knew a kid who looked like that, I would want him in an infinite void, just so I could never see his bland, generic, ugly face ever again.


  19. artheretic says:

    “Crackpot of Last Resort”
    I’m going to buy the TShirt


  20. Mez says:

    at risk of cracking the pot wider, I just received the following message from “Goodkid” via facebook:

    Johnny Ma sent a message to the members of PETITION: remove the scary “face of the community” photos.

    Johnny MaJuly 29, 2010 at 10:39am
    Subject: Petition on hold.. Now to other things
    Hey guys..

    The petition has been put on hold for now.. but dont worry.. action will be taken soon…

    I just wanted to alert you to another project of mine… I have just made an ad for the Doritos competion… would love it if you can have a look…;

    If i can ask you to vote for it, it would be great… You can vote 5 times a day if you like it… Also if you can repost this link… I will love you…

    Thanks Guys


    The kid’s a Genius!!


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