Aussie Flag Jolly Rogered

This pirate beflagged van in Hilton from Mez sort of segues to a desperate letter fromPatricia, who claims an anti flag South Perth Mayor is set to downgrade the Aussie flag on Sir James Mitchell Park, and replace it with 4 flags, Aboriginal, City of South Perth, WA flag and Aussie flag. Patricia claims to have exhausted all avenues. It’s nice that she turns to TWOP in desperation. If only Andrew Mallard and “The Hurricane” had come to me. They might have got better outcomes. Patricia says…

It will be replaced with 4 flags  – one the City of South Perth Flag, two the Aborigine Flag, three the Western Australian Flag and four our official Australian.     Our full time and paid mayor has said to me he does not like the Australian flag – he has said the same thing to many others.   So the idea is to dilute the value of the Australian flag.   What happens to our flag in the future is just that – in the future – meanwhile our present official flag means a great deal to many people.    The greatest worry from my point of view has been the lack of any public consulation – not a mention of it anywhere.  Pat

The Mayor sound overly flag happy rather than anti flag to me. I’m no fan of the design of our flag, but I’m worried that the South Perth flag might be even more hideous.

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48 Responses to Aussie Flag Jolly Rogered

  1. Richarbl says:

    Am loving that broken wall. Aint it awesome to live in a first world country


  2. Pfortner says:

    Diluted icon
    Pluralist infill traitors
    Worship the flag cunts

    btw, isn’t Patricia that crazy cyclist chick with the multiple flags and EXCELLENT voice projection?


  3. Mez says:

    please note that the van is painted in the same “anti radar” shade of charcoal as the Ady Gil


  4. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Shouldn’t this thread be in Pirate?



  5. skink says:

    I see that someone has set fire to the West Australian building.

    everyone on this site is a suspect

    unfortunately it is the wrong bloody building


  6. Good to see the 4WD version of the Mitsubishi Delica Starwagon getting a look in. You can gun those things like a muthafucka. If I hadn’t had to use my old one for work, I sure would have painted it black and Jolly Rogered it. Got busted smoking herb in the back of it in the Shenton Park Hotel car-park back in 93. Nice officers simply “confiscated” the offending substance rather than charging me with anything. My guess is that the owner of this vehicle indulges similar practices.


    • orbea says:

      according to the cops of my acquaintance the confiscation is valuable intelligence to determine the ‘quality’ of ‘erb in the region

      “just social, just social”


  7. What does the City of South perth flag look like?


    • vegan says:

      so awful that google images won’t even show it.

      the aborigina flag is actually an official australian flag, so i’m not sure what pat’s gripe with it is. unless she is the rather unpleasant bike lady and then i can understand why she doesn’t like it.


    • orbea says:

      bend sinistre with Bill Grayden rampant


  8. kamoo says:

    Hang on, if they are taking down the Aussie flag and then ‘replacing’ it with an Aussie flag and three others, isn’t that just adding flags? Or am I led to believe they are going to be all on the same physical flag?


  9. Mez says:

    I thought that Eventscorp was pulling out of Red Bull Air race in South Perth after 2010 – maybe I misread that somewhere

    fascinating reading though – God! I wish I worked for local government

    bet they all giggled at the agenda

    Mr S Pullyblank”


  10. ronggly says:

    Speaking of multiple flags, that line of flagpoles extending along Mounts Bay Road from the roundabout near Narrows Bridge is awful. I get an attack of the cultural cringe every time I drive past and see this line of non-flags; scraps of cloth with slogans printed on them. I’ll try and get a photo.


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