Hahn Ice

Lisa sent this in as a sort of not worst, or maybe as a heritage action in case Murray Lodge in West Perth disappears. I do seem to remember that the old motel had been sold or was on the market or was slated for something. In any case, Lisa thought that “9” was added to Perth phone numbers in the 80’s and yet Hahn Ice was a 90’s beer and this would be a mystery solvable by TWOP fans. Is there still such a thing as Hahn Ice? The font for teh Lodge is magnificent. Alas I cannot add it to TWOP titles as typekit turned out to be a dud. I seem to remember that this wall once graced a giant photo of Cimbali enjoying the seamy pleasures of C-anal Rocks.

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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61 Responses to Hahn Ice

  1. gobeirne says:

    Magnificent font indeed! According to Wikipedia, the changeover that added the 9 in Perth was on 5 May 1997. Hahn Ice was launched in 1993 as a 4.9% beer, but ended up at a watery 4.2% apparently.


  2. monkeypants says:

    Beer test results for Hahn Ice Beer

    Ranked no.60 out of 61 beers.

    In a blind test, our beer tasters came to the following conclusions:

    Aroma/Bouquet: Oily, solvent-like, cabbagey, sweet, pukey.

    “Slightly pukey smell with a nutty aftertaste. I agree, it’s not awful, but definitely watered down.”


    If that inspires you it is still available from Dan Murphys apparently


  3. graham says:

    Somebody got there before me, the 9 was added in the nineties. The eighties were three decades ago now. I miss them.
    Hahn Ice is like making love in a canoe. I keep having to explain what that means, which I wouldn’t have had to do in the eighties.


  4. WAtching says:

    I can confirm that there are som outposts of Hahn Ice in Perth. Very silly clear bottle. Very Bad Beer.

    Ice Filtered apparently. I suspect they filter out the beer.

    The font is awesome. I drive past regularly without recognising how beautiful it is.

    That is why Murray Lodge is still in business and these guys are not…


    • Hutch says:

      I bought a carton of it while overnight in Guilderton about 7 years ago, from the shop attached to the servo on the hill – was all they had left on a late Sunday afternoon. Drank like mad but didn’t get anywhere near the same result as was experienced at wheatbelt BBQs and parties in early – mid ’90s where it was prevalent. Then looked at the alcohol % and discovered the terrible truth that gobeirne reveals.


  5. 90s really? Amusingly, the website for the lodge conspicuously doesn’t have a shot of the exterior.


  6. curious says:

    interesting that they still haven’t painted the bare face brick surrounding the sign that awful shade of green to match.

    next time i’m sitting at the red lights there, trying to avoid the scary squeegee men, at least i’ll have something to look at.


  7. cookster says:

    I might be mistaken, but doesn’t the front of the building have a large mural about responsible driving – make sure you pick a skipper, or some such words?


  8. Onanist says:

    I too drive past that building regularly and on first glance it
    has the look of a (large) run down brothel.

    Speaking of illicit sex; the angle of the bottle, with the foam dribbling out the hole in the top….


    • monkeypants says:

      i see your point onnie. i went to highschool across the road and never noticed anything untoward back then but things may have changed.


      • curious says:

        you are a modernian?

        they don’t advertise your blog on their publications.


        • monkeypants says:

          yep curious, i am a modernian – scaling great heights like the others, bob hawke, rolf harris, janet holmes-a-court. no governorship yet though TLA.

          when my blog reaches lofty heights and catapults me to the “A” list like TLA, they will be clambering to mention my brilliant work, ……


      • So you were the Governor General that attended the school that they’re always crapping on about?

        I did my first Chinese lessons there, in sight of that sign.


        • Bento says:

          Didn’t the sign at the front of Perth Mod feature on TWOP at some time?


          • Jeezus Bento, how pathetic to have you commenting at 10pm rather than 10am. Are you getting a lot more done at work?

            There are ajust a few short of 1000 posts now, so hard to remember, but don’t think have had that sign. You mean the one where it says 10 prime ministers, 1 000 000 knob floggers, two sex pests, 6 magi, 5 Dalai llamas..?


            • Bento says:

              It is a sad state of affairs, I agree. I seem to be getting a fair bit accomplished, but I can’t see how that can be construed as anything other than merely coincidental.

              I had a hazy memory of there being something weird about the sign with the pictures of kiddies, visible when you spend the inevitable eon stopped at the lights on Thomas Street. But I may be mistaken.


            • monkeypants says:

              world renown blogger……


  9. hovean says:

    ….the open window adjacent, the two “O”s on the Toyota in the carpark. Such filth. Stains galore.


  10. MrB says:

    I remember there was an ad on that building as well for the skippers club. Those guys that would roll up on foldaway scooters and pick you up from your pissed location and drive you home on your car.


    • Hutch says:

      … for a small fortune in annual membership fees that on inspection worked out to be more expensive than a cab home and back to your car the next day.


  11. J says:

    Was this one taken a while ago?
    I recognise my car in the PMH carpark.


  12. Tiggletaggle says:

    Hi All

    I work at the Murray Hotel. It was under new ownership since 2008 and the new owner has been refurbishing the rooms. The “kermit the frog” green colour will be disappearing this year and we will be completely renovating the front of the building.

    The beer bottle is heritage and will be staying. The set of stairs that you can see from Thomas Rd will be enclosed by the end of the year.

    The building looks tired because it’s been run down over the years but that’s all about to change :)


  13. Kate says:

    Hi. We brought the Murray Lodge in 2007 and have been having an ongoing battle with the council about this sign since then. There used to be a billboard over the top advertising various things like the skippers club etc. however the council will no longer allow a billboard on this site as, to quote, “3rd party advertising will not enhance the Visual quality of the area”! They asked us to paint over the old sign but I wanted to retain this landmark sign and recently the 1991 approval for the sign was finally found. We will now be updating the sign and I have approached Hahn to see if they want to update the beer! I have read with interest your comments on the logo font and so will take those on when redoing the sign. Thanks.


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  15. Greenpool says:

    Perth phone numbers had the 9 added in mid 1994 . The sign probably was painted when the beer was launched in 1993 . I think it’s been painted over now.


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