Finger My Knothole

Edward de Bozo saw this amazing sight , in full view of the public, in that sudden worst hotspot White Bum Valley. Astounding. It’s nice we’re getting some artworks happening again. Has she left clawmarks in her own boozie? Now this is a quality worst right.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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43 Responses to Finger My Knothole

  1. Dave says:



  2. monkeypants says:

    her sausage wallet is hung disproportionately low – and her baps look like hamburger rolls – interesting. i’m sure it took someone a really long time to sculpt this well done, but a bit like an ugly child – only her mother/sculptor could love her.


  3. WAtching says:

    I missed this?
    The shame the shame…

    The real question though.
    How is the back door reprsented?


  4. shazza says:

    Glad to see this get a run. Iv’e been watching with curiosity the recent transformation of this home. And was reasonably impressed until this creature made her appearance. It really is quite odd.


    • WAtching says:

      Really shazza?
      I haven’t seen the house in all it’s glory… but looking at theses fragments I am thinking Brady Bunch Pastiche.

      As for the statue… I hate Meryl Streep.


      • shazza says:

        The stone wall you can see is part of the original home, which they have renovated around. I think it’s nice to keep these distinct architectural features as evidence of the buildings history.


  5. hovean says:

    Using a chainsaw to carve a representation of the third eye – interesting character. Check the missus.


  6. skink says:

    are those her own arms, or is there a midget behind her trying for a reach-around?


  7. Michael says:

    The place is for sale too – between $700 and $800k. To live in WGV.


  8. Ljuke says:

    She appears to have a moustache. I could be wrong, but it looks like a representation of Inigo Montoya as a female. Dirty.


  9. David Cohen says:

    Haiku 6162:

    Lion sleeps tonight,
    A woody in the Valley
    Then morning glory.


  10. hovean says:

    Rough cleft stihl carved,
    Splinters but are a nuisance,
    Stick to dog on chain.


  11. rolly says:

    Cameltoe in timber, nonetheless.


  12. Hutch says:

    A dangerous attractant for a horny hitherto unlucky pissed up local on their way home. I’ve seen it happen before to a discarded naked mannequin in a Nedlands laneway.


  13. cookster says:

    I come back from holidays to find I’m barking up the wrong tree…


  14. Oh to be a termite!


  15. perth6000 says:

    “Your mate at Worst of Perth – you should suggest that he get a job at Perth Zoo. I am sure they could do with additions to their Great Ape collection.”

    As seen at


    (Asians Out or Racial War)

    (I thought I’d try and fit my spam in by being just like you guys here)

    PS, not you Greg.


  16. Mez says:

    oh you north of the river types are so cruel!

    … and it’s White SCUM Valley btw.


  17. Mez says:

    Seriously though. The house behind this orange log is quite a good renovation really. A 60’s brick and tile with parking underneath, feature granite wall, etc. The owners completely gutted it but kept the footprint of the old house and built up in contemporary materials. Cnr Carrington and Stevens. For sale. Its noice, I like it.


  18. ronggly says:

    The nemesis of TWOP, perthsbest, regards this house as one of Perth’s architectural jewels.


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