You get fork

I happened to bump into to a couple of lovely TWOP fans Kat and Jasper at Threeninenine Bar on my way home last night. Only thing is, the fuckers were bending forks. You heard me. They had a huge box of forks and they were bending them Uri Geller style right there at the bar. How metrocentric! Makes me a little hesitant in my plans though for a TWOP gathering for the million hits. If these guys are fork benders, god knows what perversions I’ll have my face rubbed in. I’m imagining full sized Baravans made out of matchsticks. I’m thinking of a Thursday evening at The Brisbane Hotel. I will agree to be there drinking, and people can drop in if they wish. Thoughts? Here’s the fork I rescued before it got bent.fork

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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50 Responses to You get fork

  1. shazza says:



  2. skink says:

    they might have tried washing the cutlery rather than trying to bend it.

    would you put that in your mouth?

    (that bit of innuendo is for the smuttier readers, who will no doubt furnish us with some links to gratuitous genitalia)


  3. A thursday, not this one.


  4. Bento says:

    Brisbane suits me just fine. But god help me if my change comes on a little plate.


  5. David Cohen says:

    Are you on drugs?

    Do you think this is how successful social events are organised?

    (“I might be somewhere…you might attend…”)

    Are you hoping it will be some sort of flash mob Happening?

    Dear me…are all comedians so socially inept?


  6. Kat Black says:

    Ha! Nice to meet you in person, although I’m not sure if anyone looks forward to being mentioned in TWOP :P About a dozen people managed to bend the forks you didn’t rescue.


  7. CB One says:

    I was at 399 last night and didn’t see any evidence of fork bending. I miss all the good times.


  8. bs says:

    pack of pseudo lefty socialist liars


  9. BS says:

    pseudo socialist liars pack of


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