Well thank god that some of the vibrancy is still left in this town. Rehana of Dick Piercy fame shot this. We can be proud that some plonker has authorised a plaque to the smartarses of the 1890s to go with the crappy mall bronzes we’re forced to put up with. Can I just say, mall bronzes, fuck off we’re full. I’m sure it must have been a common excuse heard in the courts at that time. “Your honour, a larrakin yelled out Ooshta, and the camel unexpectedly sat on my willie, which I was just cleaning at the time.”

However you can be sure that Colin Barnett would be deep sixing any Oooshta yelling nowadays, especially in the Northbridge area. Ooshta callers would be getting a night in the lockup with the option of being suffocated in a baking prison van the next day. Ooshta Colin. Ooshta from arsehole to breakfast. You can Ooshta from my cold dead hands. Ooshta we’re full. Ooshta FIFO. Ooshta that time forgot. Ooshta the lot of youse cork soakers. Yeah, you fucken  heard me. Ooshtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!ooshta

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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47 Responses to Ooshta

  1. David Cohen says:

    The Ooshta and the Apostrophe…The Magnificent Ooshta’s…Punctuation and Ooshta in Las Vegas…


  2. ooshta on the membrane


  3. shazza says:

    Now there’s a word!

    Heads up Future Perthers. The term vibrancy should henceforth be replaced with Ooshta.


  4. WAtching says:

    I ooshta and i vote…


  5. flynn says:

    This is a giant step up from the Hillarys’ harbour plaque for Gina Rinehart. Amongst all the other various peoples’ accomplishments as statesman, scientist, sportspeople of all ilks, writers, adventurers etc, hers is “iron ore” as if she either invented the stuff or discovered vast tracts of it.


  6. According to the paper today, Perth is throbbing with ooshta midweek. They call it vibrancy though.


  7. B.T. says:

    I first thought it said “stop and shit”, but that was probably because I’d just read 9 Forces Driving Vibrancy and the CCI website.


  8. oldfart says:

    Perhaps TWOPers can nominate their favourite WOPs for an annual Ooshta award.

    Can just see Colon holding aloft his gold (or should it be brown) sitting camel.


  9. Snuff says:

    Larrikins in Hay Street in the 1890’s (sic) had Afghan masters ? Well, ooshta me.


  10. Slanderer says:

    What did they call out in Murray Street?


  11. NVL_II says:

    How many surrealists does it take to change a light-bulb?



  12. monyet says:

    FYI this Ooshta plaque has been there for at least 15 years


  13. monkeypants says:

    someone from clarkson, wa already owns ooshta.com
    they registered it in 2006. must have sensed the what was coming!



  14. monkeypants says:

    So based on the information below, if you say Ooshta Te
    it will be ” Vibrancy For You”. It could become the official Greeting of Perth. So long G’day WA, hello Ooshta Te!

    # 192) Q: In Zoroastrian sites I see the term “ushta te”. What does it mean and how is it pronounced?

    A: Well Ushta (pronounced ooshta) is one of the more controversial terms. Instead of taking you through a byzantine discussion of different philological analyses and interpretations, I will state that ushta either means a state of dawning or awakening, which implies bliss, or it is a state of wishing for something . Since ush means dawn and its radiant light and wish comes from the root ish, and ta is a suffix that can be transilated as THE
    or THIS , implying a state of, many of us prefer to translate it as radiant light, radiant awakening, a radiant dawn.

    In Iran, since the word was always with the bliss of being enlightened, it is also translated often as happiness or a combination, such as radiant happiness. Some consider this word as a state of Beautitude. Ushta te can thus mean An Awakening to Radiant Light for you, or a Dawn of Radiant Light for you. If the you is plural, than it is ushta ve. Te is pronounced teh and ve as veh. So, ushta te!


  15. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Again with the vibrancy? And I see that COP is once again having visions:


    Could Perth City Council be in the grip of the occult?



    • skink says:

      “Langley Park will be transformed into an interactive reserve with a giant suspended jellyfish.

      Created as part of the City of Perth’s “what the fuck?” ideas project….”


        • Shreiking Wombat says:

          Animal Review has this to say about jellyfish:

          “Perhaps not so surprising for an animal lacking a brain, the jellyfish developed only one gastrovascular opening for both the mouth and the anus2. Known in the jellyfish community as ‘The Great Mistake,’ the mouth/anus serves to devour plankton, fish, crabs, barnacles and sometimes other jellyfish. And then to poop same meals back out later. Adorable.”

          They rate a C:



      • Shreiking Wombat says:

        “Interactive reserve”? Didn’t they used to call that walking?


        • rolly says:

          S W , interactive is what individuals and teams do playing against each other, and what spectators do harassing them whilst at the same time stirring the opposition supporters and munching meat pies and swilling beer.
          Watch it any weekend at Langley park.
          It’s a bit like breast enlargements on an already perfectly proportioned woman: developing for excess.


  16. shazza says:

    Just saw the ad for this. Apparently the Anglican dude is going to cure a stuttering dude via exorcism.
    When I rule the world there’ll be a legal requirment that anyone wanting to become a religious preacher of any persuasion will have to undertake a course in critical thinking and Scientific Method 101 first. No pass, no priest.


  17. shazza says:

    Like George Michale says, you gotta have faith, faith, faith.


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