Best of Banned by The West (Easter edition)

The best of the easter news from the twitter feed banned by The West which you can see in the sidebar or follow with a RSS feed reader using this address.

AND a picture of Yorkie’s son sent in by Frank. No pink hair. I’m surprised.


Easter saves potty mouth. A man who claims he said “egg hunt” not “hey cunt” to Premier Barnett as he inspected Northbridge has walked free

Blair turned Catholic “to enhance guilt”. Ex UK PM Tony Blair’s conversion to catholicism was so he could feel guiltier about Iraq…

Jesus gaffe distracts from message. A bishop who claimed “Jesus would be turning in his grave” has been corrected by church leaders…

Jesus’ father “A cowboy” Archaeologists. Examples of Joseph’s carpentry work have been uncovered in Nazareth. The work was shoddy at best sa…

Pope to atheists, Muslims. “We’ll love you back to the stone age”…

“Hot Crescent Buns” outsell Christian version. Buns decorated with a crescent are outselling hot cross buns 20 to 1 in Northern suburbs. Noll…

CORRECTION! Our story “16 dead in West Bank riot” should have read “Bankwest riot”. We apologise to the Palestinian community for any distre…

Drug claim false-Mayor. Only 49% of Armadale homes have drug labs, making it factually incorrect to say that “MOST” Armadale homes do, said…

Strip club patrons demand “Organic” fruit & veg acts. Genetically modified zuccinis, leeks & even cultured pearls will be banned under new…

Student Guilds outsource whingeing, troublemaking. Tough times mean WA’s student guilds may have to pay outside companies to hassle Uni Admi…


About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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17 Responses to Best of Banned by The West (Easter edition)

  1. skink says:

    and I have now started doing requests.

    at Frank’s insistence, here’s one of Rattler.

    Bill will note that I have increased the nastiness, just for him.


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    Fopund out some more trivia from Ch 7’s early days – one of the stars of Spotlight was one Reg Whiteman, who was a founding member of the WA Ballet, but of cousre was a very intimate friend of Fat Cat :-)

    Reg Whiteman, who was a founding member of the WA Ballet, is well known to TV insiders for his long association with Fatcat.


    • ratbag23 says:

      Does TVW 7 actually still have anything of an archival nature, I wonder? They ought release DVDs of nostalgic programs, assuming they could get all the necessary clearances. Imagine the potential – “Spellbound”, “Reach For The Stars”, “Children’s Channel Seven” .. who DOESN’T remember the historic episode where Trina left and Sandy picked up the reins? Enough to make you cry!


      • Frank Calabrese says:

        I believe that a lot of the stuff is now in the Battye Library and apart from that compile episode of Spellbound, there are no complete episodes of Spellbound – re Children’s Channel 7, that was live to air each days, ad wasn’t recorded, except for some filmed excerpts.

        I recommend you ask on the blog, or maybe if Brett Treasure is reading this he may suggest to Seven to do another series of programs dedicated to repeating old Seven Shows- especially local ones which we TWOPers may record for research purposes.

        Check out the pic of Sandy in the Then and Now page taken in2008 – she hasn’t changed much at all – she was only 16 when she started in 1971 and she was a Salvo, as I rember they showed her wedding on the News and was dressed in a Salvo uniform


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    Found this about a Yorkie Album which features amongst other things a “Recreation” og one of Yorkie’s Crzy Nights.

    I remember doing a recording session there with Lionel Yorke “YORKIE” (who I was managing at the time) for a record album including a live recreation in the studio of a “Yorkie’s Krazy Nite”, which was made so very famous at the Floreat Hotel.


    • Frank Calabrese says:

      Speaking of Yorkie, here is his opening theme as song by the original performer (Yorkie sang over it) Matt Monro.

      Note this is a live version.


  4. skink says:

    I have noticed that, as time has passed, these little tweets have been losing their parochial flavour and becoming more international. This makes me suspect that they are nicking soem of their content from elsewhere. perhaps just adding the word ‘Aussie’ here and there to make us think it is original.


    • What fuck are you talking about? Nicking other content..!

      Skink accusation “fucking outrage” Bono. U2 frontman Bono labelled Skink “A Cunt”…


      • skink says:

        if Bono really were to call me a cunt, then I would wear it like a badge of honour.

        and in return I would say “fuck off, shortarse.”


        • Edith Cowan “May have been man” . A researcher has poured doubt on the claims that Cowan was WA’s first female parliamentarian. DNA from

          Local enough for you?

          Why do I bother?


          • skink says:

            wow, take a chill pill.

            it is excellent material. I apologize unreservedly for suggesting that it may be too funny to have been written in Perth.

            my personal favourite was the West Bank riot that should have read Bank West riot.

            am I to suppose, by the vehemence of your defence, that you are the author?


            • Bill O'Slatter says:

              Yeah I would also like to complain about the listeners here. Not a cricket chirrupin , not a little pat on my back for the tremendous comedic effort I put in on Kenny Buzzin, I spent hours cut’n’pastin from the Jumbo book of jokes for that .Pigs the lot of ya, an now I have to double my dose of Prozac , ya hurtin now aren’t ya that’ll lern ya,


    • These are the only original words ever fucking posted on twitter. Each one more golden than the last. Wasted on you pigs obviously. Clam bakin’ bastards.


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