Rashomon, Ironing Board of God.

It has to be a pretty good subject for such a bad photo to get on (unless the topic was about how to use auto focus) but the blur almost makes this one better. Was that really some crap-box of a Japanese car with a massive spoiler on top? Like was it just me, or did you SEE that thing man? Like Pizza Showtime, could you think it was just some crazy dream? This one has a real jaw dropping quality. It’s like a still from some avant garde movie. About shit cars. This is from Evan. I really like this one.

crazy dream

crazy dream

Evan follows up with some correct exposure and focus. Well you couldn’t go wrong with Scarborough sunshine and a wide shot could you I mean….but no, no, no,  I must withdraw my 25 years of photo experience to just appreciate these two. Very well worsted Evan. I hope someone took the broken plastic box and left the car.

verge collection

verge collection

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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19 Responses to Rashomon, Ironing Board of God.

  1. Grrr says:

    Maybe the ‘spoiler’ is to hold on the surfboard or something?


  2. Groucho says:

    ouch !! vehicle registration time for Evan………


  3. 13th Oyster says:

    “Spoiler” couldn’t be more apt.


  4. Those cars had such massive donks that some downforce probably necessary.


  5. The BCF says:

    Is there a connection between miss Rs rear vision mirror https://theworstofperth.com/2009/01/22/the-deception-of-ms-r/
    and the above verge collection going on here….?

    Has she been experimenting with polystyrene amalgums now?


  6. Mim says:

    where can i get one? it would look great on my kia hatchback….


  7. d. says:

    why are they driving on the grass? or were they just utilising the foreshore?


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