Weekend Worstoff 46

Another Weekend of worst comes. I can’t think why I didn’t post this from Jason before. Just too many good pictures coming in. Must go back through hundreds of pages of emails. I must have missed some gold.


Haven’t had enough worsts from out Joondie way. Here’s one from Alright Jack. He Kon Yu good.


Drinks and hookah cabinet restaurant in Karawara.


And there was some talk about the vanishing of the flaming wardrobe that has been on display in Beaufort Street for some years.Reader Jesse  told me it hadn’t gone far, just bashed to pieces on the vacant block next door. Here it is.

week46flamesWorst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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12 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 46

  1. Rolly says:

    The Mitsubishi is most definitely *not* a worst.
    Brilliant anagram I reckon.
    Making a statement about reliability most likely.


    • Snuff says:

      It’s not bad, Rolly, and it’s true that the gearboxes used to fall out of Pajeros after about 50,000, (and that they probably could have checked a dictionary before trying to sell them in Spanish speaking countries), but we hammered a Colt over the worst tracks in the north west, Territory, and northern South Australia, and found it couldn’t be killed with an axe. Bulletproof. Of course, this was back when there were engines you could work on under the bonnet, not computers.

      And not just good, TLA, but big time, there in Delarge St. Yeah, yeah, I know … try the veal.



  2. Cookster says:

    Off topic I know, but Teh Outrage Cohen has pulled out all stops, thrown his journalistic integrity out the window of the Mishitbus and managed to work herring and octopus into a page 3 story in yesterday’s Post. Gold.

    There must be hundreds of western suburbs people sitting on the shitter right now, flicking through the paper thinking, ‘why the fuck did this Cohen bloke write, there was no herring to be found and they were still waiting on their supply of octopus.’

    Mind you, a story about the new fish counter at Coles in Claremont gave him the perfect vehicle. Next week and the week after might prove a tad difficult.


  3. skink says:

    and did anyone see the Big Eye of She-Ra on the cover of the Perth Voice?

    quite disconcerting

    Big Sister is watching you

    and so forth


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