Flag Shenannigans

You might remember a few days ago when we questioned why McDonalds had its flags at half mast for fire victims, while Michael Keenan local Federal member was flying his at full pole. Well yesterday, Keenan was half masting, and Maccas was full poling! Will somebody get some flag consistency on Wanneroo road! What’s going on? Think of the fire victims! Regarding flags, I hear that the PM has said that flags will fly at half mast every year on this day to commemorate the fire. Really? Every year?  Doesn’t that seem a teensy bit over the top? We’ll run out of days if we keep that up, and everyone will have to be at half mast all the time. It would help McDonalds and Keenan get it right though.



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36 Responses to Flag Shenannigans

  1. Tony T says:

    Red indians and “Wanneroorow!”.

    The old good days.


  2. Grrr says:

    Clearly Mr Keenan was in somber reflection of Our Heath’s OscarTM win.

    The real question: Why doesn’t McDonald’s care about dead actors from tentpole moves?


  3. forkboy says:



  4. Groucho says:

    What about Keith Ledger day ??????


    • Bill O"Slatter says:

      Keef ? Is there another one ? Perhaps he can win a “Heath” ( renamed in his honour) next year.


      • Groucho says:

        That’s how much attention I pay to him, his name, his family and whatever film he made. Perhaps he was a reincarnation of James Dean


    • ratbag23 says:

      Calling Heath Ledger “Keith Ledger” is the sort of low-level trollery that the dickheads in the newsgroup aus.tv resort to. Come on, I thought we had a better class of shit-stirrers here in TWOP.

      Speaking of which, the acronym “TWOP” really lends itself to being a swear word in itself. I would like to forward the motion that “twop” be under consideration for being created as a word used to denigrate others. (and I must stress that I am NOT referring to Groucho here, he’s no doubt a highly intelligent person and a nice guy, I’m just on a roll and going off on a tangent here). Imagine a dictionary definition of “twop”:

      Twop (noun) – a clueless individual, feckless, unselfconsciously stupid in a notable way. “That bloke who writes opinion pieces in The West Australian is a real twop”.

      It could be sort of like an amalgamation of two words, such as “twat” and “fop”.


  5. Anyone near Wannaroot Rd, can u check whether Keenan is up or down today.


  6. skink says:

    look, if they were serious they would all be mourning that Marisa Tomei was cheated out of her Oscar

    I know I am


  7. Ljuke says:

    Apparently this Marisa Tomei loves funny, quirky, bald men.


  8. Skink, Apps has a piece in Crikey about new editor for Teh West. Aren’t you a subscriber? Anything interesting?


  9. skink says:

    The Apps piece says nothing new – still looking for an editor and McCarthy and Baddass are the only names mentioned so far.

    it has become news because Wharton is speaking at the Perth Press Club Friday (and as president Apps is giving it a plug), and so Apps is whipping up speculation that Wharton will be quizzed about the new editor, or lack thereof.

    “the challenge for Cronin and the new editor will be to avoid an over-reaction to the Armstrong excesses by making the paper too bland…the time is right for an injection of journalistic talent and a more innovative, fresh approach that will inject energy into the publication.”

    good luck with that


  10. There was word that it would be announced at the Perth Piss Club on friday.


  11. skink says:


    Apps says the event is sold out, which is apt because selling out is what Perth journos do best


  12. Bento says:

    Via Wilbur Wilde.


  13. Slanderer says:

    Good to see we’re still keeping this important issue alive. I will be monitoring all flags along Wanneroo Road until further notice.


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