Weekend Worstoff 44

Cock. Some Leederville Graffiti from Rawk Star. I like that they did the seriphs.


And balls. I know that we’ve had these before, but they are now so old that they may be worst again. I always thought they should be massive. These just don’t hang right. Thanks Nigel.


And Vic Demised just doesn’t like this Nandos ad. It doesn’t make me want to buy food, but they have had worse I think Vic.


And Mr JC thinks the council is skimping on letters for Scarborough beach Road. I thought they used to use Scrbr Bch. Thanks JC

week44scarWorst well.

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22 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 44

  1. Snuff says:

    Double gonads ? Fine work, as always, TLA.



  2. Leroy says:

    Nothing wrong with being licked by a goth-chick…


  3. skink says:

    there is a full billboard ad for Nandos near the Maylands level crossing, in which the goth chick is licking a dwarf

    no really, I’ll get a picture

    I hope the dwarf doesn’t kill himself, because the dream sequence will be fucked.


  4. BrownBook says:

    I guess it won’t be long until utes have Aussie flag Truck Nutz.


  5. Grrr says:

    I believe the Nando’s girl’s name is Rachael and she is from Melbourne. It’s a national campaign — sadly.

    I’ve been told she’s actually a vegetarian, but that might be a joke.

    And yes, that Nando’s billboard near Fifth Ave is just awful.
    I’d be boycotting Nando’s for it if I ever bought Nando’s.

    It’s near the BHPBilliton billboard that I pray someone changes to read “BHP Billiton helped by job disappear”.


  6. Grrr says:

    Er… “helped MY job”…. obviously.


  7. ratbag23 says:

    Nandos. Hmmm. More baffling advertising of an offensive nature (I’m remembering that deeply offensive TV ad about the pole-dancing mum with Nandos patches stuck to her). I can only conclude one of two things:

    1) The suits in the ad agency that Mr. Nando has hired to flog his chain of chicken joints has delegated the account to some of their in-house “creatives” (yes that’s what they call them) who really believe that any publicity is better than no publicity, and, with one eye on their inflated salaries and the other on the local annual award ceremonies (a nauseating small-pond self-congratulatory wank-fest), they’ve churned out this poxy shit.

    2) Mr. Nando has been running his fast food chain at a loss for some time and has been hoping to make it fail altogether as some kind of elaborate tax loss scheme in order to recoup sums of money from the ATO, and these head-bendingly appalling ad campaigns are just one of his strategies to hasten the process.

    OK, *three* things….

    3) Mr. Nando is really pleased with his ads and can’t see anything wrong with them.


    • Crackpots! says:

      and lets not forget option 4a.(Which is unlikely here but often happens in the high flying ad world!)

      Mr Nando has hired his talented 17yr old cousin who has just completed a short course in Word and has volunteered his services free!

      and option 4b…..

      Mr Nando had too much input and the agency crumbled!


  8. Vic Demised says:

    ratbag23, I’m going with 3), though I entirely agree with your proposition 1).

    Goth-chic chick ‘n’ chicken -they’re such a natural fit.


  9. skink says:

    I guess they can argue that since we are all talking about it, their ad campaign has succeeded

    none of us has bought any chicken, though

    or felt the urge to lick a dwarf


  10. Ljuke says:

    The little boy, Skink. The little boy.


  11. skink says:

    at last…

    I thought nobody was going to join me in the quotes.

    there was too much Withnail nerdery, we needed something fresh.

    Even midgets have to take drugs to stick it.


  12. Ljuke says:

    Evidence that Colin Farrell can be good in movies. We are living in strange times.

    Well, you’ve picked up a very pretty prostitute.


  13. Orbea says:

    I like the fact that the owners of Greens in Leederville painted out the “CK” only to find it repainted far more visibly two weeks later. This is apt, because their coffee has xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and the choice of sandwich is baffling in its Stalinist simplicity. Surly staff, barn like atmos, blaring televisions. Oh and the concert posters chic with multiple paper lanterns is soooo last week. What’s not to get erect over?


  14. Orbea says:

    where were the strap-ons before they were used to stir the coffee?


  15. kibberts says:

    I was actually told a few days ago that apparently the owner of “Greens & Cock” registered the business as just that!


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