No Stopping

This was a premature OZ Day celebration from Bobby of Maylands, but I hope to have some more shots from the celebrations. Anyone who got shots of vomiting, fighting, or outdoor copulation, send them in, even  if involves you. I like the no stopping in this one. That’s the true Australian spirit, drink then defy authority.

Rampant nationalism

Rampant nationalism

Bobby of M says,

hello worst of perthers,
i snapped this picture of a gent in east perth near the commonwealth bank who must have been a bit tired and needed a lie down. i think it may have had something to do with the can of fizzy drink that was resting between his legs. maybe he was diabetic, and was having a hypoglycemic episode, as a result of too much fizzy drink.

either way, i think it’s a worst.

Thanks B.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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25 Responses to No Stopping

  1. Grrr says:

    I don’t recognise the can.
    I’m guessing a can of imported European beer from the BWS on 8th Ave. And perhaps a carton of Benson and Hedges in his shopping bag.

    Clearly a cricket fan.


  2. poor lisa says:

    Paralytic on exotic beer. A much more satisfied customer than the beer festival goers then and a perfect Australian.


  3. Bill O"Slatter says:

    Minutes earlier : ” Give me a hi-five or fight you un-Australian bastards , Oo a feel a little sleep comin on , I think I’ll have a sleep where I stand “………snoring noises


  4. Groucho says:

    I think it has more to do with his passion for whoreticulture and his fetish for looking at the underneath of shrubbery leaves


  5. Ljuke says:

    It’s “Amsterdam”, I believe.


  6. Bill O"Slatter says:

    It improveth the performance , increatheth the desire and make ugly girls look good so come and get some of this chop ladeez.


  7. Bento says:

    That gravel verge looks almost as downy-soft and inviting as the bathroom tiles I’ve been known to kip on, after a few Amsterdams.


  8. scaffyha says:

    Everyone knows the kerb makes an excellent head rest. This is obviously the mans first attempt.


  9. Rolly says:

    I think that you got confused over the signpost, TLA.
    Shouldn’t it be “NO STANDING” ?


  10. mogan says:

    Ljuke is right – it is Amsterdam and Amsterdam is far from exotic beer. It’s cheap and nasty. A four pack of those tall 500mL cans sets you back about $9-10.

    Similar cans often get left in my fridge by cheap visitors and remain there for months. months!

    ooooh yeah!


  11. skink says:

    have you blurred the guy’s shoes as well as his face?

    is this to prevent his shoes being identified?

    was this an example of your sole discretion?


  12. Yes his shoes and shirt were indentifiable. No-one wants to be known as an Amsterdam swilling street snoozer.


  13. Bento says:

    Since when are KT26s identifiable? They seem to be the footwear du jour for street snoozers, as far as I can tell.


  14. skink says:

    perhaps it is just another poor sandgroper confused by daylight saving.

    someone wake him up in time for the referendum.


  15. It’s you Bento? I always thought you were a Speights and Adidas Rome man?


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  17. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Australia Day, here is how Ch 7 covered the lead up to Skyshow and a live cross to Jeff Newman at Kings Park doing the weather.

    NB, not my video, Cartman’s site has many Perth media clips, including bloopers.


  18. Bento says:

    As a card-carrying Metrocentric Twat (TM), it can be nothing less than Hoegaarden and Gazelles for me.


  19. Well you can still go the Romes. Considered quite stylish these days.


  20. Bento says:

    One of my life’s greatest regrets is that my feet were too small for Romes while they were still cool (original cool, not ironic cool) – I had to stick with Campus, which didn’t have the blue bit along the side of the sole. But at least they weren’t crappy Firenze – those kids got teased until they developed eating disorders.


  21. poor lisa says:

    Consider yourself privileged bento. On the eastern side we had to make do with Grosbys.


  22. Bento says:

    I guess this is the bit where Rolly tells us he had to make do with cardboard boxes filled with broken glass.


  23. hovean says:

    I was obviously more east than you poor lisa – Dunlop volleys were considered fairly grouse.


  24. Rolly says:

    Shoes? For children?
    Don’t be so ridiculous.
    I had my first pair when I finally got to high school:
    Hand-me -downs from my elder brother, repaired with bits of leather from a found handbag and resoled (many times) with rubber tread from old tyres/
    Aye, we had lots of things in them days……….


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