Bunbarians at the gates

Despite having visited Bunbury for decades, I think I had blocked out this monstrosity, the sculpture of Lord Forrest, Baron of Bunbury next to the pissoirs in the main street. I thought it must be a recent eyesore, but the company sponsors indicate otherwise. Boans, Chrysler, Perth Building Society etc. It is in the modern style of crap sculptures though. Maybe it was a forerunner of the arse boozie? There was a slight smell off piss too, but this must have been from the auto toilets. Why was the occupied sign flashing for an hour? The ghost of John Forrest taking a prostate restricted long Jimmy?

The branch of the twig

The branch of the twig

Apparently Forrest was missing the rear of his brain.


And a pie bag stuck in the ear is probably the best you could hope for. Could have been overflowing with Bunbarian semen and condoms. Vic, don’t tell me…



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28 Responses to Bunbarians at the gates

  1. vic demised says:

    LA, I have never had aural sex, whether with sculpture, or any living (or formerly living) being.

    I had not realised Forrest was a syphillitic with a nasal prosthesis. He probably was missing half of his brain; or maybe the sculptor left that bit out to make him seem to belong more to Bunbury?


  2. Ljuke says:

    He reminds me of those big stone faces in Labyrinth. Maybe that’s the idea. He stands there warning travellers not to proceed any further.

    “Soon it will be too late…”


  3. Del Quant says:

    “Baron of Bunbury” sounds like a euphemism…not sure for what, though…


  4. skink says:

    I think Zardoz has made an appearance on these pages before, and that sculpture is very similar to the one that Sean Connery flew around in.

    Connery was the first man to model the cuntkini:


  5. forkboy says:

    The assassination of John F. Kunt was a tragic event in Bunburys history. After having the back of his skull blow out by a lone gunman in the second floor of the Bon Marche mensware building it became apparent that another gunman was also involved possiblyfrom the top of Boulters Heights lookout near Bunbury SHS. The hunt still continues……..and the conspiracy lives on.


  6. forkboy says:

    Ps – The Bunbarians are already living amongst you………..be afraid………


  7. David Cohen says:

    I wonder if Matt Groening ever visited Bunbury…this statue could be the younger brother of Jebediah Obediah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield.

    Springfield’s life was more exciting than the B of B. His tongue was bitten off by a Turkish pirate in a grog house fight, and he built’s Springfield’s first hospital from mud and wood.

    He also once said: “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man”. Was B of B equally loquacious? I doubt it.


  8. Bento says:

    A noble spirit appears to have embiggened the smallest ears, in this case.


  9. forkboy says:

    Cohen @ 7 ………the original Bunbury Regional Hospital located on the border of Carey Park and South Bunbury was demolished in a day……made from “sticks and mud”?……………………………..most likely.


  10. Cookster says:

    TLA – all I can say is I hope you visited the Sheridan factory outlet in Bunbury on your way out to make it a worthwhile trip?

    On my last trip to teh deep souf, Mrs Cookster purchased an egyptian cotton quilt and sheet set for 1/3rd the retail price, while I ducked next door to the bottle-o and availed myself of three Jim Beam Blacks which were gone before the sheets hit the van.

    Travelling through Mand-yoora has never been more pleasant.


  11. Johnny Nonation says:

    Easter Island it is not. You dum-dum, want gum-gum.


  12. Vic Demised says:

    Forkboy, you are displaying far too much local knowledge.

    Cookster @ 10 -“the sheets hit the van” is good. Contrived, but good. SOL (Sniggered Out Loud). I presume Mrs Cookster was piloting said van thereafter?


  13. cimbali says:

    Cookster – what was the thread count?


  14. Snuff says:

    I thought it’d been there for longer actually, TLA, but according to this site, “In 1979, Bunbury businessmen commissioned Mark Le Buse to sculpture Forrest’s head, now here in St Paul’s Place.”

    Of perhaps more interest, however, are Barney and She-Ra’s thoughts on sculpture, including this enticing notion …

    “Ms Scaffidi agreed that a statue allowed future generations to see what the person looked like and called for a process to be established which would consider the claims of other great West Australians.

    “I would like to see some group permanently charged with the job of perhaps being asked to look at statues for the most revered West Australians in the last century,” she said.”

    Some group, TLA ?


  15. I should head that group, however the Sir Charles sculpture concept seems to have died in the arse.


  16. St Paul’s place? Was next to public bog.


  17. Frank Calabrese says:

    I should head that group, however the Sir Charles sculpture concept seems to have died in the arse.

    No doubt due to a change of Government, but I predict a rather large and expensive statue will be built just prior to the next state election :-)


  18. Didn’t realise Le Buse already featured on TWOP. He was also responsible for abortion at Yanchep.

    However he wasn’t responsible for the paintwork apparently.


  19. Snuff says:

    Thanks for the great link, TLA. I just love this part of Suzi’s post …

    “One of Tokyu’s employees decided the work was an eyesore and subsequently had some ‘restored’ with concrete. He then liaised with Yanchep District High School’s art teacher, Janet Stacey, and principal, Ken Austin, to ‘beautify’ the works by painting them. An intensive project was implemented, with research conducted by the students as to their interpretation of the portraits … in so doing, divorcing them far from the original intent of the artist himself …

    … The resultant painting amounts to sheer desecration of these works. Brightly coloured acrylic paint covers most of them bar two, which have only been undercoated with weather resistant grey paint. The form is completely lost to gaudy colour. The work is no longer sculpture, but more the kind of moulded concrete forms found in a mini-golf circuit in the US, or in the funpark pieces at Adventure World.”

    Worstworld @ 40 Ljuke !


  20. js says:

    he also sculpted king neptune at club capricorn. one of the finer things i’ve done for work is to photograph and document these ‘charming’ sculptures. hey, i get paid to do it.


  21. Sounds like a photo archive that could find its home here js.


  22. Vic Demised says:

    I think there’s an example of Le Buse’s work hidden in the back corner of the parking lot at Miss Maude’s bakehouse, on Fitzgerald St. At least, it was there a few years ago. A viking, with one horn missing from his helmet (the other heavily reinforced with russting steel and cracked cement). I think Maude must have commissioned it then thought better of it when she saw the finished product.

    Come to think of it, there are so many chic new apartments overlooking the rear of the bakehouse that someone is bound to have complained about the ugly lump and it has probably been removed. I’ll check.


  23. Vic Demised says:

    Was it Le Buse who oversaw the railway station tits and boozies piece? Same medium. Same “style”. Is TWOP relentlessly persecuting the same… err… artist?


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  26. The Legend 101 says:

    Bunbury is not to nice,Bussleton is nicer


  27. John Forrests Head says:

    Haha, shit…it’s me. Was on my list of potential submissions, luckily Bunbury is a gold mine of shit art so it shouldn’t take too long to find an alternative. Has the Aluminium Aeroplane Wing at the entry to city (/bypass to eagle bay) been featured?


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