Tardis North Fremantle

Four shots from The Cookster, which could each justify a post on their own, but how could I break up a set like this? Combining worst and nostalgia. I like that kind of worst. Nth Fremantle Bowling Club.

Sayer it aint so.
Home of the high pant.

Home of the high pant.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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32 Responses to Tardis North Fremantle

  1. Snuff says:

    That ‘Gents’ sign is a representation of a hand, isn’t it, TLA ? If not, it could go some way towards an explanation for the pant height.

    p.s. Nice understated frame for Lizzie.


  2. squib says:

    Oh oh! I’ve seen that Queen picture at the North Freo Lawn Bowls place

    *adds* I wasn’t bowling


  3. River Ralphie says:

    That’s definitely a bowling club… I work in one on the weekends and we too have a picture of Her Majesty.


  4. pmac says:

    Ahhh, yes – the North Freo Bowling Club – home of the Magpies.

    It is like stepping back in time – way back.

    Still not allowed into the Ladies Lounge to retrieve the table tennis table without permission – not that the Ladies Lounge has been used in 30 years…..


  5. Does the Queen have a 5 O’clock shadow?


  6. poor lisa says:

    Not worst. Esp Leo Sayer.

    Beautiful photos cookster.


  7. David Cohen says:

    Yes, lovely montage Cookster.

    LA, I think Cookster got the Artline out between ends. I bet he wrote the C-word on the back.


  8. Ljuke says:

    Something about that photo of the queen makes me think of Pennywise The Clown from Stephen King’s “It”


  9. I think it’s a pic of Eddie Izzard


  10. Cookster says:

    Twas a pleasure folks. I spent Father’s Day at the club having a roll and a barbie with Cookster Snr who runs the club and pours a top Guinness.

    The ‘Ladie’s Lounge’ is a veritable treasure chest of memorabilia from a time when Lumpers caught herring off the North Mole during their lunch break.

    I was going to rifle through the LPs and position ‘the best one’ on top, but I took one look at a wistful Leo and knew that was the shot.

    The men’s locker room is quite a sad affair – lockers ajar, displaying crisp whites on their hangers (seams ironed perfectly), bowling hats, shoes, jars of brylcream and combs that no longer have an owner.

    Cases of bowls bear their former owners’ names – Jack, Bill, Fred, Tommy… all now gone, or just too old to bowl.

    Good news is that the club committee want to preserve the sense of tradition, while at the same time starting a new page in the history book.

    The club turns 50 this year and the old boy has plans to start a jam night, calling in a few favours from local musos who got a leg up in the industry during his time at the Seaview. We can also expect DJs by the green, comedy nights and the odd ball.

    TLA, I’m thinking a TWOP re-launch gig might be in order???


  11. Cookster says:

    Oh, and not wanting to spoil the nostalgic thread here, but the painting of Her Maj and the frame are a recent addition courtesy of a local artist.


  12. It does look like a good TWOP event venue.


  13. Groucho says:

    If you have a Leo Sayer album then you would probably have an Air Supply album as well. God help me….would never have been caught dead with either ….or that wallpaper !!!


  14. I see a Cliff Richard lurking.
    Bizarrely, Air Supply very popular in China.


  15. Snuff says:

    @ 10 Thanks for those evocative words, Cookster, and for the pics.

    p.s. Is the Mosman Park Bowling Club still sitting atop the very best piece of real estate in the entire city, by the way ? If so, I hope it stays there forever, as I’ve long considered it might not be the worst place to idle away a few retirement afternoons.


  16. Cookster says:

    Goucho @ 13 – not mine, property of the NFBC!


  17. Groucho says:

    Throw in a Bee Gees and an Olivia Newton John album and you are talking smoke-in orgy party stuff…..


  18. Groucho says:

    …Cookster, I guessed that with the wallpaper in the background. The “you” was a generalisation.

    Still the 80’s music was a cruel time in our lives. What a forgetful era.


  19. Snuff says:

    Here’s something to refresh your repressed memories with, Groucho.



  20. poor lisa says:

    Big curly haired shortarsed high voiced white male singers. A lost lamented 70’s subgenre.


  21. Groucho says:

    I feel a Christopher Cross song coming on……


  22. poor lisa says:

    Would you get caught between the moon and New York City? Why does pop music not pose questions like that anymore?

    Patrick Hernandez.


  23. skink says:

    ‘I was born to be alive”

    rather axiomatic when you think about it


  24. Cookster says:

    Whatever you do, just don’t pay the ferryman… not until he gets you to the other side!

    I decided to start a Friends of North Fremantle Bowling Club on facebook… why not?



  25. poor lisa says:

    23 I know it’s crazy, but it’s true


  26. Cookster says:

    Snuff @ 15 – yes, we had a work function up at Mossie Park one Christmas and it was a magic place to bowl away the hours. And Heinekin on tap!


  27. skink says:

    do you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain?


  28. David Cohen says:

    you give love a bad name, skink.

    but I’ll tumble for ya.


  29. skink says:

    Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the serengeti


  30. skink says:

    look how influential TWOP is

    now even Alan Carpenter is getting in on this old lyrics riff:



  31. Cookster says:

    Oh Skink, you spin me round and round like a record – do you really want to hurt me? Can’t you see that I want to live, but you just take more than you give.

    Good lord, I think I’m turning Japanese. I really think so!

    Must be all those compu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu, computer games.


  32. forkboy says:



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