Sacred Boab Humiliated

West Australian Aboriginals have replanted an ancient boab tree after it was driven thousands of kilometres with a police escort to save it from destruction. A road widening scheme meant the tree, estimated to be 750 years old, had to be uprooted 3200 kilometres from its home in Warmun, in the Kimberley region, to Perth’s Kings Park.

How sad therefore that the ancient tree has been branded as a loser the moment it arrived. Would the Gija people been so keen to send it to Perth had they known that an Eagles supporter would immediately take a knife to it? Well spotted by Ben. Ben says…

…but what caught the eye mainly was the declaration of support for cellar dwellers West Coast Eagles. A nice Perth touch which will no doubt be replicated by thousands of Asian tourists and their happy snaps. Id have been more impressed if it had ‘Fuck the dockers’ or ‘Barich is a c#$t’ carved in it. But give it a few weeks, the wildflower festival is on soon, we dont want to waste the best material on a small crowd!
Sacred Boab tagged as loser.

Sacred Boab tagged as loser.

Great Worst

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17 Responses to Sacred Boab Humiliated

  1. Groucho says:

    This gives rise to the fitting expression for WCE supporters “A thick as a bloody Boab”……..

    Sort of fits the image too, wide girth with not much up top.


  2. Cookster says:

    Quinten Lynch sports a boab seed for a brain. This is probably a relative.


  3. Was he the one that took off from the police, leaving his car and running off, not realising they might have his address from his licence plate? Or am I thinking of another?


  4. Groucho says:

    The excuses were that he had to run home to :
    1. Go to the toilet because he had to
    2. To get his driver’s license which he’d left in the back pocket of his footy shorts only to find it was the last position Johnny told him to occupy and his footy shorts didn’t have a back pocket.


  5. squib says:

    I was a bit upset about the way they moved this tree. Couldn’t they have taken their road some other place?

    And by some weird synchronicity I was talking about this very boab on Saturday when a crane was blocking our road in order to move an old fig tree


  6. Groucho says:

    Once you have drawn a straight line on your road plan then that is it… takes a whole new skill set and trades people to put a bend in the road. Plus the Warnum Town Council had already approved a straight road and a curve or bend would cause a traffic hazard by people looking at the tree and missing the bend completely. Lastly, the Nyoongar elders needed a good excuse to performed a smoke ceremony to welcome the tree, something that doesn’t happen every day except on every second Friday.


  7. squib says:

    Well if I was Minister for Transport I would have a made a special tunnel to go under that tree


  8. Groucho says:

    I would have built a huge 6 lane suspension bridge over it called the Big Boab Bypass. Then I would put a set of traffic lights in the middle, a nature strip running the entire length, crosswalk, school crossing, stock crossing, river crossing, toll payment system, a viewing deck for tourists to see the tree from above, a mall on the each side, a hotel and a Boab pub.


  9. squib says:

    Hmmmph a bit OTT if you ask me


  10. JimN says:

    He forgot the multi-storey carpark including lay-away bays for tourist coaches.


  11. The BCF says:

    Grouchy you’re a visionary mate! C Y O’connor is a sad pretender in your shadow! Dont forget teh wind farm and migratory bird corridor in one!!


  12. Groucho says:

    I am going to ship in some of that yella sand and build me one of those Olympic Beach Volleyball thingys, nexta the Olympic Beach Cricket oval, nexta the Olympic Beach Soccer stadium, nexta the Olympic Beach Sandcastle Building arena, nexta the Olympic Beach Massage venue and start practicin’ for the Olympic Beach Pentathlon.


  13. David Cohen says:

    haiku #6005:

    Plumage of Eagle,
    Twisted limbs of baobab:
    Both in the cellar.


  14. margeryx says:

    Groucho – don’t forget the Big Boab Casino next to the pub.


  15. Tony T says:

    Whatever happened to Baobab?


  16. greeno says:

    that WCE sign would have been carved in atleast a year ago. do yourself a favour and go check it out. its a scar not an open wound on the tree


  17. Richard Townsend says:

    I don’t understand why the unfortunate tree had to be removed in the first place. WA is a big fucking state, couldn’t they just put the road beside the tree?
    Then they could plaster it with concrete and call it “The Big Boab” and watch the tourist dollars roll in.


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