1001 Nights

The Cookster has been sending some very interesting worsts my way lately. I better put something up while I continue to struggle with the formatting of his turds in Subiaco video. Teh Cook was sent this photo via some intermediary at 6PR, but he won’t say who. Barra? Howard? Bob? C’mon, it’s Bob isn’t it? Bob seems a man who would appreciate a good worst. Bob, if you’re reading this (and apparently everyone at 6PR does), I’d really like to do a celebrity worst interview with you. Seriously. Phone, email, at the Silver Dollar (wait that’s gone) whatever.

Anyhow, Cookster’s friend at PR seemed to think the copyright was OK with this, but as a photographer myself I’d prefer to attribute it. So if it’s yours, let me know. It did give me a chance to contrast it with a similar themed photo for youse of The Lazy Aussie on station in Hong Kong, driving your education dollar further. I do have the numbers, but Richie may outdo me with collective cleavage. Or would that be gross cleavage? He’d need a stronger Lazy Susan than I would too I think.

I'll see your bimbos Benaud, and raise you some studious Asians...

I'll see your bimbos Benaud, and raise you some studious Chinesers...

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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38 Responses to 1001 Nights

  1. David Cohen says:

    He took 248 Test wickets and hit three centuries, but it looks like Richie is still scoring. Not bad for a bloke who’s 78 in a couple of months.


  2. meccano101 says:

    My eyes are drawn to the little dribble on the paper table mat.


  3. Rolly says:

    That a *worst*????
    No bloody way.
    Definitely wishful thinking in my book.
    See the way the beloved Mr. Benaud is carefully holding his glass and resting his other arm firmly on the table to prevent his hands from wandering.
    The look on his face clearly indicates that his mind is far from the task of PR pix.
    More likely on the posteriors of the pixies.


  4. It’s not a after and before photo shoot is it ? Benaud looks happier than a three legged tomcat who’s just found his fourth leg. Chappelli like dreamy smile on his face.


  5. Groucho says:

    Looking a bit silly mid-off TLA


  6. Cookster says:

    TLA, pic came courtesy of someone behind the scenes, a producer no less. Although I do correspond with Barra on occasion, sat next to Howard over lunch and once lived next door to Bob in Freo.

    Yes, Benaud looks like the cat that got the cream, but TLA, looking at the left hand edge of your picture, I’d have to say you need a little more lead in your pencil old boy.


  7. forkboy says:

    Hey LA did teach those students to smile or did they learn to do that independantly?


  8. We were workshopping smiling and Lazy Susan operation.


  9. forkboy says:

    Well you did a “Dancer Job old Chap”.


  10. forkboy says:

    there is obviously many lines about “Lazy Aussie Vs Lazy Susan” but I wont go there……………………..


  11. I like to refer to them as Easy Susans


  12. Groucho says:

    At stumps Richtie was all out for whatever he could get……


  13. Ljuke says:

    “There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the two captains… tossing on the pitch.” – actual Ritchie Benaud quote. I love this man so much.


  14. Snuff says:



  15. vic demised says:

    Ritchie creams his creams. LA beams. Those Hong Kong smiles are contagious. Were the other two members of the HK Women’s Invitational 11 under the table?


  16. David Cohen says:

    They’re obviously down at fine leg Vic.


  17. Groucho says:

    …Is that Duck on the table ?


  18. Bento says:

    With not a word of a lie – I once heard Richie call the score 2/222. I realised at the time that it may well be the greatest thing I ever heard in my life.


  19. My table? Of course. There was duck pork, chicken, everything. I was the honoured guest, so they had to roll out the red fatted calf as they say. Also a lovely dish of tripe and jellyfish combined, turtle, and I think frogs were on the menu that day.


  20. vic demised says:

    Dave @ 16 -I’ve stood next to LA at a urinal; that would be LONG leg.


  21. Well thanks Vic. At least someone noticed.


  22. Groucho says:

    Vic, if you went for a bit of a Leg Glance, would that then make you somewhat of a Leg Bi ?


  23. vic demised says:

    Touche, Groucho! I’ll let that one through to the ‘keeper.


  24. forkboy says:

    Just as long as LA doesn’t start aiming for the block hole……..might lust have to send in a ferret to cacth him out……ouch.


  25. Johnny Nonation says:

    Are the girls at Madame Tussard’s posing with Ritchie? Didn’t know they could do a waxy glass of wine.


  26. Groucho says:

    I wouldn’t do that if you want your ferret back, they will eat it if they can catch it in China.


  27. forkboy says:

    Lazy long leg swing
    my block hole is unguarded
    Szechwan ferret fear.


  28. forkboy says:


    Lazy long leg swing
    should my Szechwan ferret fear
    unguarded blockholes?


  29. Groucho says:

    Warm cask wine like armpit sweat
    To see the middle stump my leg before
    Wicket wicket man


  30. #25. His look a little more lifelike than my girls don’t you think?


  31. Lazy Susan turns
    Richie swings a leg over
    Two for two, two, two


  32. forkboy says:

    word play wizard LA…..nice


  33. Groucho says:

    Double or nothing was the toss
    The frog jumped over the moon
    Wasn’t a urinate but masturbate
    Dickie Bird could tell


  34. David Di says:



  35. Vic Demised says:

    The flowers are dead.
    Sweet disinfectant odours
    mingle with poo smells.

    -ancient Vic Demised


  36. Rolly says:

    Jeezus, Guys.
    What the hell have you got circulating in your cranial cavities, formaldehyde?
    Or just stale VB that hasn’t had time to drain off?


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  38. Cookster says:

    Yes indeed… I wonder if the McClure tash is twitching right now?


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