When the arse dies, the head will follow

I’ve had an amazing number of fantastic original submissions recently, which combined with my own archives run to almost 3 months of superb worsts to come, even at 6 posts a week. I’ve got so much so that I’m tempted to post twice a day. Jeezus, there’s mailboxes on Morley drive that have been in the queue since January. I’m sure that Paul Murray’s columns will add more material to the list, but first I wanted to have another look at the new Fairfax online presence now it has had the chance to be established. The picture below is what I saw.

A visual representation of "dying in the arse".

A visual representation of "dying in the arse" Fairfax in Perth

Everyone was really looking forward to some sort of challenge to The West. All we got was the smell of arse dying. Thanks for that Mr. Fleming. Much appreciated.

Normal worst will resume later.

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16 Responses to When the arse dies, the head will follow

  1. What no toilet , when their work mainly consists of pulling copy out their arse. As for wonga , go the Lavvie Prodders route and bring in a few ads .You don’t need to attach yourself to these media dinosaurs.


  2. Groucho says:

    My Goid, that land looks as though it has been hit by a Media Frenzy


  3. I had to get up at 5am end edit this post. Was too nasty. Was the VSOP (very special old piss) talking. I was including phrases like “I didn’t know a website could actually smell.” etc.


  4. skink says:

    What, no tumbleweed?

    the Bedwetter has put up a wonderful TWAT blog trying to use some very suspect gestalt theories of perception to justify why his journos are covering car crashes in Kwinana rather than the situation in the Middle East

    I have used similar complex arguments to justify why I have decided not to sleep with supermodels and am happy with the wife.


  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    These are the Top 5 stories on TWAT.

    1. Top 10 food myths revealed
    2. Perth only capital to suffer house price drop
    3. Harvey Norman doing it tough
    4. Mad Monday for Cousins comeback
    5. Knife-wielding man beheads bus passenger

    Says it all really.


  6. crankynick says:

    And that “Top 10 food myths revealed” story originally went up on July 16, Frank. Three straight weeks in the top 10…

    So either it’s been phenomenally popular every day, or nobody is reading the site at all.

    (Or their hit counter is busted, I guess, but we’re not here to be charitable, are we?)


  7. Art Wonky says:

    toady should really be called ” the knocker’s shop ” after Chris Thomson’s effort.


  8. Bento says:

    Is there a delay on comments being posted to Sookie’s blog?

    I posted a comment several hours ago asking what exactly was the point of the bullying article, and it seems to have been moderated out of existence. I realise I was a couple of days late, but I would’ve thought they’d be taking anything they can get, given it’s just me, skink’s aliases, and the tumbleweed out there.

    The comment was on topic, and contained no swearing or personal abuse (this took a degree of self-control).


  9. skink says:

    they take great umbrage if you criticize the factual premise of the piece, or anything that they perceive to be aimed at the author or their editorial policy (or lack of)

    this is what I have gleaned form experience.

    I tried to explain to the Bedwetter why his understanding of the Law of Proximity was flawed, and that his extrapolation of the law to justify his choice of local stories over national or international news was a logical fallacy, but it got canned. Maybe they just don’t like smartarses.

    similarly any criticism of their spelling, grammar, and complete lack of sub-editing is unlikely to be posted.

    any reference to their bloggers as Rattler, Bedwetter, Taxi Driver, Shallow Spice etc will let them know you’re a TWOPper, and likely to get you moderated.


  10. Have increased the avatar size now that more people are getting their own?


  11. I don’t even know who these nicknames are myself , except rattler. I prefer “Riddance” myself. Who are Bedwetter and Taxi Driver?


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Bedwetter and Taxi Driver?]

    Taxi Driver is Chalpat Sonti, while Bedwetter I think is Liam Phillips.


  13. skink says:

    indeed – Sunili christened Chalpat the Taxi Driver since his column says; “Sit back and enjoy the ride as Chalpat Sonti steers you through the often confusing traffic of a booming WA economy”

    nothing to do with his heritage or his poor grasp of English, or any resemblance to Robert De Niro

    Bedwetter is indeed Phillips, on account of his youth and his hissy tantrums


  14. Oh, I had Liam’s topic as “I wet my pants” in my graphic even though I hadn’t ever read him. His photo just looked like a pant wetter. He does tantrums too?


  15. Chris Thomson? Shallow Spice?


  16. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Chris Thomson? Shallow Spice?]

    Shallow Spice – Daile Pepper


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