Bad Gin

Since it’s still Troy Buswell week, I was very pleased that Rich sent in this excellent snippet from Hansard featuring Troy and the rather odd Grant Woodhams.

“LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY – Wednesday 10 May 2006:
Mr G.A. WOODHAMS: …Water is bottled in this state. There are two places in my electorate in which water is bottled, and the consumption of that water is very popular in offices and towns –
Mr T.R. Buswell: That is because it is half full of gin!
Mr G.A. WOODHAMS: That is an excellent suggestion, member for Vasse! I will be putting to the manufacturers of the bottles that perhaps they be gin-lined so that the consumption of that water may be speeded up!

Now some may remember Grant Woodhams as an ABC weather reporter in the 1980’s. I also worked with him a couple of times as a video presenter. I also seem to remember a picture of him jogging wearing a tshirt with a picture of a Bundy bottle fashioned into a bong, on the front page of the west in the mid 1980’s. I don’t think even Frank could track down that one. So it was quite strange that he ended up being elected as a sort of wild-eyed National Party member for Greenough, looking like he might have a rack of Safari Suits in the wardrobe. And why is Troy heckling him. Aren’t they sort of the same side. Sort of?

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32 Responses to Bad Gin

  1. Midlandia says:

    “And why is Troy heckling him? Aren’t they sort of the same side?”
    He doesn’t care which way he bends, LA! Provided there’s some sort of olfactory pleasure to be gained from his stooping, perhaps…

    Besides, the Nats don’t have a formal coalition with the Liberals in this state; they’re only on the same side in regards to preferencing, in the same way the Greens on the same side as Labor. I may be wrong though; do correct if I am. =D


  2. margeryx says:

    I don’t think I would buy a used car from Mr Woodhams.


  3. Tony T says:

    I used to call him Grant Diddums.

    I was funny once.


  4. Bento says:

    I’ve got $5 says Frank finds the picture.

    Has anyone checked the Sunday Times office wall?


  5. Taken from Grant’s web site
    “Several major issues stand out for me as fundamentally important for the future security of regional Western Australia. I have taken a personal interest in health, education and employment issues. These are the main concerns for most of our Mid West communities.” He forgot to mention bottled water.
    Troy ,of course, with a one track brain had to mention alcohol and probably staggered off to find a chair.


  6. In further Woodduck sitings
    “A special thanks must go to well known and respected ABC radio announcer, Grant Woodhams who paraded “Mal the Malleefowl” costume handing out “Guess the Mal the Malleefowl Celebrity” competition forms. ”
    When the identity of the person wearing the costume was revealed most people said ” Grant Who ?”


  7. Curtin library has a great searchable archive, including The West. Ljuke found a copy of the Found story. Maybe the Grant pic can be found there.


  8. crankynick says:

    I always thought he was a sports reporter, rather than a weatherman.


  9. poor lisa says:

    When I first saw the picture I was startled because I got him confused with another strawberry blonde and mustachioed ABC personality from the 80’s, Kevin… Something… he was on tv and radio… and I thought ‘Kevin … Something??? In the National Party??? No way!’

    Can someone tell me what Kevin’s last name was, and if I’ve even got his first name right?


  10. Definitely weather. Long time ABC weatherman.
    Grant is starting to resemble the crazed Alec Guinness in Bridge over the River Kwai.
    Don’t know the Kevin.


  11. poor lisa says:

    Thanks anyway. If Frank can’t help with this nobody can.


  12. I know the one of which you write Lisa : a bit of a loudmouth. He more or less disappeared from the media. I think he was a presenter of Stateline . Frank needs to update Wikipedia with his knowledge of Western Australian media.


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  14. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I know the one of which you write Lisa : a bit of a loudmouth. He more or less disappeared from the media. I think he was a presenter of Stateline . Frank needs to update Wikipedia with his knowledge of Western Australian media.]

    Gee’s I’m absent half a day due to a migrane and I’m missing my calling :-)

    Grant Woodhams also did the weather on Channel 7, and I believe he was on staff with Carps and they both made the jump to the ABC at the same time.

    [Can someone tell me what Kevin’s last name was, and if I’ve even got his first name right?]

    I know who you mean, he was the host of State Affair. Can’t think of his name either.


  15. Creamed Crab will trigger off those mothers Frank. Migraines I mean, not reporters.


  16. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Creamed Crab will trigger off those mothers Frank. Migraines I mean, not reporters.]

    Nah, it’s Chocolate for me :-(.


  17. Rolly says:

    Jeez, FC.
    I thought that you being confined to a wheelchair was bad enough: But no chocolate ?????
    You’d have to be careful of the red ned too I guess.
    I have a problem with green leafy vegetables and brocolli, but my mother would never believe me :(


  18. Hat tip to Frank “Affair” not “line” and putting on the Google goggles we get


  19. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    I’m convinced I’m allergic to red wine. After as little as 2 litres I start vomiting and then suffer a blinding headache and a good case of the shakes for as much as 24 hours.


  20. Frank Calabrese says:


    You stuffed up the url of that pdf file – the correct one is :

    I’m pretty sure TVW 7 has been the home of more WA Pollies than any other media organisation , the 3 most notable are Messers Burke, Carpenter & Woodhams .


  21. JR says:

    Is it just me wanting to hunt some witches, or is Mr Buswell referring to indigenous women?

    Have I missed the point entirely?


  22. Rolly says:

    It’s Mr. B. who keeps missing the point.
    Him being put to the stake might correct that deficiency.
    Not à la Jean D’Arc but after the fashion popularised by Ali Pasha. A real pain in the butt. The stake too.


  23. Steve Mac says:

    The Kevin you speak of was Kevin Hume – a bigger buffer version of Grant (who was my journalism lecturer at Curtin back in the late eighties).


  24. poor lisa says:

    Thanks Steve Mac! Just goes to show that this blog answers all your important questions eventually.


  25. poor poor Lisa , Internet literacy update : Your question was answered on May 8 th @18 ( see the green thingy to the right of goggles)


  26. poor lisa says:

    I am just a girl and no good at cryptic clues. I like to be served with an answer like ‘Kevin Hume’ not ‘google goggles’.


  27. Crypt pick or internet zombiefication : this from the person who bought us corflute and bunting.


  28. DeekVanDerPop says:

    Grant Woodhams went to TVW7 from the ABC in the mid 1980’s because at the time his career was being held back by the winning personality of top-stick pointer Johnny Barnett. Unfetteted by the exec’s at 7, and with delusions of granduer he quickly established him as the West Coast’s answer to Brian Bury. In the lead up promotions announcing his arrival GW claimed something along the lines of how he was going to revolutionise the way weather was presented. One ad previewed him in a scuba diving equipment presumably to tempt viewers to find out how he would go about presenting the weather under water. I don’t think he lasted more than a couple of ratings periods, and obviously that kind of creativity would be hard to sustain. Shultzy’s got the stray dogs and cuddly zoo animals formula that’s never going topped unless someone can get hold of some bestiality photos.


  29. DeekVanDerPop says:

    Don’t ask me to explain what ‘unfetteted’ means.


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