Wildcat Rap

Recently, Paul asked in SUGGEST,

Yes architecture is fascinating ‘n all, but your site ‘motto’ says it features the worst “Humanity” – yet I haven’t seen you post any of the youtube video’s floating around of the Aust.Day “Mullalloo Riot” or “Cott Girls Gone Wild”… ?

The reasons are Paul, 1, that I usually prefer original material unless it’s exceptional, and 2, Cott girls gone wild was crap, and only The West could possibly have called it news. Drunk women who don’t even get their clothes off dancing at the pub? No. I don’t think so

But OK. here’s something I think you’ll like Paul, courtesy of commenter James via youtube user Luuc. Poor old Tiny Pinder. Is he still locked up? Wildcat rap. Mesmerising in its intensity, but still not quite enough of Tiny. It’s good. It’s very good. Thanks James. Humanity enough for youse?

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About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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33 Responses to Wildcat Rap

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    I remember that Rap being used in their advertising – and I “think” it dates from 1985-6 BEFORE the Advent of the Eagles.

    Note the advertising signs “Better Music 6PM” – no more, now the dull and horrid 92.9, and did I see a “Juliana’s” sign ??

    Ahh, Perth pre Rothwells and the Stockmarket Crash.


  2. Frank Calabrese says:

    Actually upon rewatching it, I see there is a “Daily Juice” sign, who were launched onto the Perth Market in 1988-89, so I was out by 2 years, but still it is during the Burke/Dowding era and was just when WA Inc was at it’s peak.


  3. Peter Dowding – A future you can believe in.


  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of Radio Stations, would it be possible to have a selection of Radio station locations, i’m talking about 283 Rockeby Rd, 94.5’s Herdsmans Lake digs when they moved from Adelaide Tce etc. Also, can you dig up a pic of The Eagle – Austereo’s feeble attempt to relaunch 6IX into a hip FM station on the AM band in the hope of winning an FM licence, yet losing it’s bid and changing format to oldies and flogging it off to Frank Romano ? :-)


  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    I should clarify my last comment by saying that 283 Rokeby Rd housed 6PM/92.9 and LATER 94.5 after the latter moved from Herdsmans Lakes.


  6. Anonymous Perthon says:

    That is wrong on so many levels, (thank jebus someone saved it) I’d forgotten how popular they were.


  7. David Cohen says:

    To echo Herb Morrison’s immortal phrase: “Oh the humanity!”


  8. CK says:

    Sorry folks, completely OT, but according to the fantastic new map added by LA http://whos.amung.us/show/8gtmlhox there seems to be a huge interest in WOP from a place called Bligh in South Australia, with a whopping 22 visitors.

    Does anyone know where Bligh is? Why the interest in WOP? What is the Worst of Bligh?


  9. Rory Shiner says:

    Was that opening scene with the two kids filmed at Hollywood Senior High School? I’m pretty sure that’s it. Can anyone confirm?


  10. Rory, what’s the church architecture like at St Matthew’s? If it’s not uniting church, I don’t suppose it will be bad enough for this blog.


  11. Roger Explosion says:


    Probably just one ex pat with a dynamic IP and unstable connection.


  12. CK says:

    Oh dear. Have just watched the video. This is precisely why why daughter 2 is into soccer.


  13. Paul says:

    Thanks for the response ‘The Lazy Aussie’,

    If you call rolling on the floor of a pub “dancing”, perhaps my standards are in fact too high, ha ha!

    As for “only The West could possibly have called it news”, well I agree whole-heartedly, It’s not NEWS-worthy at all, and moreso it shows what a travesty the West Australian is for a newspaper (perhaps you could feature them), but it is a good example of the social decline in Perth and so I thought may be appropriate in a forum such as this.

    Nice video, a rare gem indeed! Kudos to you sir.


  14. The West has feautured a couple of times. Infact one of the motivations for this blog was to label Paul Murray worst journalist. One of the all time bad writers for a terrible paper.


  15. Beno says:

    Nice Wildcats Post LA,

    Seeing that reminded me of going to games in the very early 90s and watching James Crawford and the rest attempt to do some half time Globetrotter ‘antics’ like pretending to steal ladies’ purses to amuse the crowd. I think Tiny Pinder might have gotten confused with the pretend part.

    I’m playing that rap, and the globetrotter theme in my head right now.


  16. skink says:

    why have all the players got their pants pulled up way too high?

    was that the fashion in those days? did it make you jump higher?

    I’m surprised they are not all singing an octave higher


  17. Ljuke says:

    Not since the glory days of Hanson has a chorus been milked so mercilessly.


  18. Frank Calabrese says:

    Listening to Triple J atm, I noticed that one of the presenters asked who wrote and performed this cultural icon.

    I’m 99% sure it was composed and sung by one Ken Walther – he of the Goodbight Captain Possum jingle which for most of the late 80’s and 90’s told kids to go to bed. (I believe that WA is the only major capital that uses a kids mascot(Fat Cat)) to do what a parent is supposed to do anyway.

    I also believe that Mr Walther, when performing at Corporate gigs, was not permitted to leave the stage, unless he performed the said Goodnight song – sort of like Farnham being associated with Sadie The Cleaning Lady.


  19. Rory Shiner says:

    Hi Lazy Aussie. St Matthew’s is Anglican, but the church is a former Uniting Church Building, so there is hope.
    But, sadly, no. The building is too unremarkable for this august blog.


  20. That’s a shame Rory, a real shame.


  21. Dukes says:

    I wonder if that Ronald Macdonald’s child grew up to be the testicular biologist he wanted to be?


  22. Frank Calabrese says:

    Hmm, subtle joke – Testicular Scientist – wanker :-) Just like the whole video really :-)


  23. Soups says:

    The biggest joke of this video is that I’ve just come back from the last regular season game of The Wildcats this season from this very same venue…what a crap garden shed! The Entertainment Centre was infinitely better as a basketball venue and yet it sits there quiet & mothballed mocking all who pass it.


  24. Ed says:

    I left Perth in 1989 for London and have lived here ever since. Sometimes I reflect on how I’ve missed experiencing Perth grow and develop over the years, then I see crap like this and think “Thank f@*k I got on that plane…


  25. Peter says:

    I remember the Wildcats at PEC… I wish they’d go back there. That was a really fun venue for basketball.


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  27. Re: Location of Openging Scene says:

    That’s Perth Modern, Subiaco.


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