Pandora Posterity

The Worst of Perth is to be saved for posterity. The State Library of WA has asked to be allowed to save it in their electronic archives, ( Pandora). So, many years from now if you can’t recall where that statue of the arse scratcher was, it will be there for you.

Note to the year 5008: Dear future Perth person. Do we have Sunday trading yet? Do we still remember Mainy?

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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8 Responses to Pandora Posterity

  1. Mazarina says:

    I’ve just returned from some time-travel to Perth in 5008 and when I asked about Sunday trading, I was met with responses of bewilderment or frank denial that the concept even exists. The fight over where to move the boozy arse sculpture outside the railway station still rages on though. The youth are proud.


  2. Yes we’ll have hovercars before Sunday trading, and yes, it is almost inevitable that the arse and boozie sculpture will be in situ far into the future.


  3. Juffy says:

    Ahh, but will we have Sunday trading at the local hovercar store?


  4. David Cohen says:

    how polite of the Library to ask. Will Susannah & Ric still be reading the news? will the location of a new sports oval still be undecided? will there still be a nurse shortage? tune in in 300 years!


  5. As mentioned by Mazarina the “civil” war caused by the statue continues unabated in the year 5008. Apart from the wanton destruction of people and objects caused by the civil war not that many things have changed in “Perth” except for its name ; it’s now “Bottom”. The current winning side thinks that
    “Bottom” reeks of good taste. Pope Evans and Premier Keogh the 150th have disputes over matters of faith especially in regard to the statue to the patron saint of yoof.
    The origins and meaning of the statue have been lost in the mist of time and nobody has the energy to look it up on the libraries website ; too many interesting things have happened in the mean time.
    The West newspaper has won 3 millineal worst of Perths and one milleneal worst of “Bottom”.


  6. Birkette says:

    And Brian Burke is still making phone calls and editing the paper.


  7. Eden Hill Boy says:

    Will Wait Awhile 5006-5008 have a 3 year trial of daylight saving?

    Will Wait Awhile 5009 actually vote it in this time?


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