Housing Crisis 2

Has been some comment on the Woodlands house, featured as Housing Crisis, so I obtained a picture of the interior.

5 bedrooms. $850 000. The painting and the crocheted cushions will cost you another 7 grand. The no. 11 letterbox featured in Housing Crisis is next door’s apparently. This is actually number 13, unlucky for some.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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16 Responses to Housing Crisis 2

  1. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    Speechless!! Shocking!!


  2. elwrongo says:

    Appalling but sadly familiar.


  3. elwrongo says:

    Reminds me of the days when people had no money AND no taste.


  4. golden1 says:

    Remember when everyone had tracksuits made out of that blue material.
    LA how did you get in there?


  5. dr pangloss says:

    reminds me of Alex’s parents’ apartment in A Clockwork Orange


  6. solo hokusan says:

    Seeing as though it turns out that the no. 11 letterbox in Housing Crisis is next door to this elegant monstrosity, is there a section in your numerology book that deals with being neighbour to no.11?


  7. golden1 says:

    well hoku – this is what it says for number 13.

    “This is a vibration to the unusual, whilst living at this address some strange events are likely to take place in the lives of the occupants”

    Maybe like being trapped in the ’70’s for thirty years?

    “Very often this household will look different from other houses on the block”


    “…the imagination must be kept in check whilst living at this address.”

    I would also advise keeping any hallucinogens under lock and key as well.

    ” Great power could be given, if used wrongly will destroy. This is often a number of the occult.”

    So true! This room could only have been designed by Satan’s own stylist.


  8. My Ning says:

    Not only do I see it, but I can smell it too….


  9. BedfordsCrackPotFraternity!! says:

    Its actually the home of a very quaint old couple who do bingo every thursay night, enjoy a port after dinner while belting out a few bars of Sherbets “Howzat” on the old joanna!…. and the smell,…..its that great old grandfolks smell of mothballs….


  10. Cimbali says:

    I have been studying these two photos (outside and in) and just can’t reconcile the care and consideration visible in the interior with the torn screens and lack of crotchet on the exterior. Are you sure they are of the same house? maybe the photo was some decades old.
    G1- I do recall when everyone had tracksuits of the same velour, luckily it wasn’t at the same time as they covered couches with the stuff or those people would still be there stuck to the furniture like velcro.


  11. lazyaussie says:

    One old lady apparently. The interior is current.


  12. noideaforaname says:

    Call me crazy – but isn’t that the same carpet gracing the KGB headquarters building?


  13. lazyaussie says:

    No the station carpet much more interesting


  14. Sunbear says:

    Thank you so much for the website, and your time with ABC radio this morning. I have to tell you about the worst house I have ever seen in Perth. It is on Crawley Drive, and used to belong to Rod Evans, who in days gone by was a known figure in Perth racing circles. It is gross, and in the worst ostentatious taste imaginable. It screams “money” but no class. iI you had come from another planet, you would quickly re-board your spaceship and never return to this part of the Universe.


    • Rod Evans says:

      Rod Evans (the bookmaker) NEVER owned a house on Crawley Drive. He did own a house on the Esplanade in Nedlands, which has since been demolished. Please get your facts straight.


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