Pasta Goreng

The Worst of Perth has spies in all the crappiest places. And by crappiest, I mean Wilson. Regarding this house on the corner of Manning Road and Alderley Square, my Familiars tell me that He is Italian, and She is Indonesian. From the look of the place, this combination is as bad as having an English cook and a…well I can’t think of what else. A German accountant? No that doesn’t work, but in any case behold the house. This is the same cursed Road that Birdboot submitted a post for recently.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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16 Responses to Pasta Goreng

  1. Cimbali says:

    The pencil pine, the palm, the (dead) grass tree and the rose are all certainly competing for cultural ascendancy but overall the effect is more half breed than multicultural.


  2. Laoban says:

    It used to be worse. There used to be palms and more statues and the red stuff used to cover more.


  3. salleb says:

    thats a classic title for that photo… i only just got it!!! hahaha! took me a while, but got a good chuckle!


  4. meccano101 says:

    The feature on the front wall looks a little like buildings mouth and gives the impression that at any moment the house might suddenly animate and transform into a giant suburban cyborg.
    “Optimus Prime Real estate” perhaps.


  5. lazyaussie says:

    What about the statue. What are those 2 up to? I think holding hands would have been sufficient.


  6. meccano101 says:

    It looks like a little bit of monkey worship to me L.A


  7. Cimbali says:

    More like monkey see monkey do Mecc, maybe he shuffles over to the window for a bit of a peek under cover of darkness.

    BTW LA it would be great to get hold of some WOP postcards. I would particularly like the Pear shaped one. Maybe bumper stickers? What about a WOP calling card that we could drop in a letter box to alert the owners when they have been dobbed in!


  8. lazyaussie says:

    I was just thinking a business card. I was also thinking the close up pear shape pic would be a great tshirt. I’ll get the hillcrest p&c onto the layout right now.


  9. meccano101 says:

    The calling card is a great idea. Maybe it should be left at the neighbouring houses, they are likely to find it more amusing than the owners of these atrocities.


  10. elwrongo says:

    The advent of mass production bricks and aluminium windows has made the construction of classical architectural structures like this much easier.

    This mansion is a very good example of what’s now possible.


  11. elwrongo says:

    The red palladian portico echoes nouveau riche stately homes of eighteenth century Britain, the Duke of Marlborough’s Blenheim Park just one example. This neo classical style was also transported to the deep south of the United States by immensely rich English sugar plantation owners at about the same time.

    In this context, the wretched blackboy in the front garden develops some irony.


  12. This style is ironically called Intalian. Portaloo Riche.


  13. WAtching says:

    I’ve never seen this post before. Nothing short of outstanding…


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