Let’s see a Bluey

Worst Architecture

Those who know The Lazy Aussie well, will know how I hate to get stuck into Edith Cowan University, so I’ll let someone else do it again. Here is the second part of Deckard Bishop’s submission, showing another building at Edith Cowan’s Mt Lawley campus. I haven’t put it up before, because I couldn’t decide: Is this good or bad?


Is this supposed to spell something? What’s the longest word you can make?


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47 Responses to Let’s see a Bluey

  1. Ljuke says:

    Hey! I used to have those building blocks as a kid!


  2. hokusan says:

    ‘Yoko Onos Jugs’ even though it actually looks more like her crack. give peace a chance.


  3. hokusan says:

    or even “Yoko’s anal moon” . Imagine.


  4. lazyaussie says:

    YOKO ONO’s CRACK?????!!!!!. You know I love you guys but sometimes you disgust me.


  5. meccano says:

    That has to be JCY.


  6. hokusan says:

    Disgusted with us? It’s her crack.


  7. meccano says:

    Is it a JCY building? – Disney does trailer Park.


  8. Golden1 says:

    Meccano #7 – isn’t that Lindsay Lohan? No, sorry… that’s Disney does trailer trash.


  9. Golden1 says:

    Oh I see now – it’s a toaster.


  10. Les says:

    Look strongly a junk nook anagram

    and that about sums it up too


  11. lazyaussie says:

    junk nook Les. Nice.But unfortunately, due to hokusan, it will always be yoko’s crack to me from now on. If only the O had straddled the divide…


  12. Cimbali says:

    Anagramatically difficult without an E. Imagine how long they spent making sure it didn’t spell something inappropriate.
    I do happen to have a book on the architecture of ECU – designed by the renowned Cimbali and Cimbali so I can look up the relevant architectural details for you.


  13. meccano says:

    some other anagrams for what they are worth:
    A Gunky Organ
    A Runny Maggot
    To Gag A Skunk
    A Synagog Trunk Room


  14. meccano says:

    but I’m with you LA – The Yoko Ass Memorial.


  15. meccano says:

    “an orgasm grunt”
    Trust me it’s there. What the hell are they teaching there?!


  16. lazyaussie says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner #15


  17. Cimbali says:

    Just looked it up – It is the school of indigenous studies and the words are from the noongar language.

    “The complex brings together ideas about community, earth, culture, folklore and how to create and use a space as a rich learning environment that is truly contextualised yet evokes modern pedagogy.”

    Definitely a JCY project.


  18. meccano says:

    Oh, so it isn’t –
    “A Gargantuan Room” ?


  19. meccano says:


    A Gargantuan Room
    A Urology Anagram
    My Gargantuan Looks
    Gunky Lasagna
    A Lasagna Knot Rumor
    A Yogurt Monk
    Gory Trunk
    Sour look tony
    Orgy Monk Tour
    A Lasagna Orgy
    Kooky Torso
    Solo Kooky Anagram
    Anagram Tools
    Gunky Stool


  20. meccano says:

    I’ll stop now.


  21. lazyaussie says:

    A lasagna orgy is there? Wow is all I can say. Amazing urology, I mean anagram burning meccano!


  22. Cimbali says:

    you idiot! Sorry I’ll take that back I know it is your dislexia talking.


  23. meccano says:

    Is it just me but I’m not sure I quite get the – “ideas about community, earth, culture, folklore ” If you had said it was a physics or engineering building I could probably relate.
    I just find myself humming “I’ve got a golden ticket”


  24. Golden1 says:

    “The complex brings together ideas about community, earth, culture, folklore and how to create and use a space as a rich learning environment that is truly contextualised yet evokes modern pedagogy.” – Who wrote that – Yoko Ono?


  25. meccano says:

    Cimbali – can you explain to me how the building is – “truly contextualised yet evokes modern pedagogy” ?? I don’t have such an issue with the building as I do their crap rhetoric.


  26. Cimbali says:

    I have no idea what it means I just copied it from the book. I love the building. Actually I love everything on this site which more than anything celebrates eccentricity at every level.
    It is fantastic that ECU is daring to be interesting and different (although I reserve my right to take the piss in the interests of humour!)
    Lazy Aussie might like to look at a university closer to home which was pretty crap last time I was there.


  27. meccano says:

    Cimbali, I wasn’t suggesting that you were responsible I just thought you may be able to explain it to me. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the building either. I just can’t stand how Architects/designers/artists find the need “contextualise” the shit out of everything without making the work any clearer – unfortunately I feel it often detracts from the work.


  28. lazyaussie says:

    And I’m glad I looked up pedagogy too. I thought it was something different.


  29. meccano says:

    Isn’t there a royal commission into pedagogy going on at the moment?


  30. Robotnik says:

    Cimbali is right, this is a good building. And it is a JCY project. Meccano is right about the windbaggery of the architects. The best description I’ve heard for this stylee is ‘blobitecture’, not much more needs be said. I think it deserves a better site but it doesn’t deserve a panning from W. It’s bold, colourful, memorable, even radical, all good reasons for it not to be in your blog, except maybe as a wobbly yardstick against which to measure the many architectural crimes of this city. As the building itself tells us: Kangaroo scan yoghurt.


  31. meccano101 says:

    But remember Robotnik, it also gives us “a gorgon snot mark”!
    Just what are we meant to believe? Who knows, perhaps only through its dynamic and didactic self-dialogue is its true contextualised pedagogy revealed.


  32. meccano101 says:

    By the way, R, I agree with your remarks about this building, even more so given that it is a public university building.


  33. lazyaussie says:

    I have mixed feelings. I don’t like the letters, but I like that they have tried something, which is not usual here.


  34. meccano101 says:

    JCY just what are you trying to tell me????
    I just found:
    “a runny stool”
    “an ugly room”
    “A sky tumor”
    I give up.


  35. Cimbali says:

    “Cimbali is right” Just thought I would repeat that! I so love it when I am right. I have just read back and discovered that meccano thinks I am not responsible – which is a bit rich coming from himslashher! By the way meccano why have you changed your name? are you an upgrade? If you were going to the bother of changing it you should have gone for the classic D McSqee or B Mc J.


  36. lazyaussie says:

    Have you been drinking Cimb? To get a flashy pic, you need to register with wordpress. If you want to do that, email and I will tell you how.

    This has been the most commented post, even though most people seem to like the building.


  37. meccano101 says:

    Could you contextualise himslashher for me?
    Is it an anagram for “Shh…I slam her.”


  38. lazyaussie says:

    it sounds like pedagogy to me, (as in pedagogy my arse!)


  39. meccano101 says:

    You may well be or not be responsible Cim, I think I just “wasn’t suggesting it”.
    Meccano was taken when I registered.
    Don’t worry meccano101 is just as capable of crappy anagrams.


  40. lazyaussie says:

    The anagrams were sublime


  41. Rage says:

    I like the block colours. Pretty, and eye catching. And yes, it is JCY.


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  43. thewinchester says:

    I too can confirm it’s status as a James Coulter Young masterpiece (sic). The Vice-Chancellor at the time of the buildings design, one Millicient Poole, had a massive hard on for the design of education spaces and their impact on the learning environment.

    It was this phase of quasi-architectural enlightenment that some of the worst buildings in the Perth educational circles were produced. A influential visitor to the Joondalup campus once described the building known as Campus West (Cnr. of Grand Blvd. and Kendrew Cres.) as ‘resembling the ruins of September 11’. Not far off, considering the jarrah spires on the side of it were supposed to represent the ascension to higher levels of learning.

    For those who’ve worked in the building, you’ll know well of the weird angles in the buildings, colours which are best described as Andy Warhol or Salvador Dali on crack, and the poor design that allows the worst of the afternoon sun to filter through the building making it impossible to work at west and north facing desks.

    Further abominations on the campus include;
    8A – the education block, which has concrete sheets hanging off the site, curved walls, and more crack inspired decorating.
    31 – Christ, this has to be the ugliest library I’ve ever laid eyes on. The vertical porcupine, it has slats of altering colours which do nothing for those with window rooms, and an internal layout which means you need a cut lunch and a walking stick to navigate.

    And, for another one on the horizon – check out the new Business and Law building opening at Mount Lawley early next year. It’ll be another building that won’t fail to repulse.


  44. tom thrett says:

    for a blog that constantly burns the poop out of architecture, you people sure dont know much aout it. to get to about post 30 to confirm it is jcy. gosh! but yeah it is god awful. jcy should go die in a hole somehwere. and cry themselves to sleep, trying to forget the cancer they have infected our state with. the subi traino is ok though..


  45. The Legend 101 says:

    There wired looking buildings but they have some pro laptops in there (Go ECU!)


  46. The Legend 101 says:

    Stop being so critical guys its just a building so get over it. How would you feel I critized your house when you lived in a apartment and I said bad stuff. Its a university and a building so get over it. Drop the critical comments and go find something else to do instead of blogging for god sake people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  47. Zuben says:

    It be bad … WAY bad !!


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