South of The Boarder

Worst House

Maybe this place on Morley Drive, Morley isn’t so bad. The door design shows the town planner hard at work…


… and will also only stop the very largest mosquitoes.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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16 Responses to South of The Boarder

  1. hokusan says:

    ¿es un cacto o un flamenco la caída del sol?


  2. lazyaussie says:

    Hoku, let me get my Spano dictionary out before I comment.


  3. lazyaussie says:

    From babelfish
    Is it a cactus or flamenco at the fall of the sun?

    Well I guess it is.


  4. hokusan says:

    ¿the shape to the right of the sombrero?


  5. hokusan says:

    the flamingo who flew too close to the sun


  6. Golden1 says:

    A pitchfork – clearly the devil is a Mexican.


  7. lazyaussie says:

    Yes a very poor attempt at a cactus.


  8. Rage says:

    50’s retro charm!

    I want it. And when it’s mine, i’m going to raise my very own family of Bradys in there.


  9. lazyaussie says:

    There is a big finned car in the carport too, but not shown.


  10. Rage says:

    *marks it down on the dreamhouse list*


  11. Jewels says:

    This is the first house I ever owned and I did raise my lil Brady bunch there had many good times there in the early to mid 90’s


  12. Views to the Milk Carton. says:

    Gooorn. The archive has been desecrated.


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