State Election 2017 The Long Road

It was a lengthy campaign.

Some things were hard to understand.

There was clownish behaviour.

Will it be the SDTT by six? Or something else? See you at the scrutineering!

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38 Responses to State Election 2017 The Long Road

  1. The polls are showing that it will be the Night of The Long Teatowels, but can Mark mumble his way to an unlikely loss? Can Colin finally mangae to ban bong one?


  2. Yeah Right says:

    I’d like to wish the disgraced ex Deputy Premier, the ex Tourism Minister, the ex Health Minister (the one person here, not 3), I’d like to wish this gentleman a very happy, healthy, wealthy, comfortable retirement and long may he enjoy the fruits of his failures and may he find a bed in which to sleep which is comfortable enough even with it now no longer being a taxpayer subsidised ‘sack’. Thank you and goodbye. Yeah Right.


  3. Rong1 says:

    I’m voting for Trump!


  4. you'll get wet says:

    Towards of Semiotics of Markism

    1 Markism = an honest mistake
    2 Markisms = An ALP Platform
    3 Markisms = 1 Markismo
    4 Markisms = 1 Markology
    5+ Markisms = 1 Gospel

    Let the Legend of Mark begin…


  5. you'll get wet says:

    Day One in Markistan

    Black Hawks flew low over Perth to familiarise their pilots with the situation and intimidate any incipient dissent. The rebellion had begun at Perth Modern and was spreading like wildfire. ‘Crush them like boondies!’ screamed McTiernan …


  6. rottobloggo says:

    What’s happening? I saw some white jeans at the Liberal party HQ.


  7. JaneZ says:

    Where’s Frank?


  8. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Prepare to welcome your Sneakers Overlord.


  9. PeteF says:

    Fuckm me, first sculptures by the sea, now this. Hopefully the sea will rise and take them away again.

    Remember when no-one in Victoria had voted for Kennett and yet he got in. I bet it’ll be the same thing here in 12 months.


  10. Perineum says:

    Sirs, far be it from me to be critical, but you failed to inform your loyal readership just how fucking Anglo the Kalamunda candidates are, collectively: Hughes, Miles, Bowyer, Colyvas, Day, Williams and Gould.
    Miles and Day. Should not the Labor Party have been ordered to stand a candidate named Light? Then, we could have had a real contest, rather than this farce.


  11. My Ning says:

    Stephen Smith must be spewing – his white horse plan certainly backfired. I suspect No Doz will now be handed out for free so we can all stay awake as Mumbles tries to argue his way out of Roe 8 while his Metronet plan goes down the shitter. The good news is that there should be some seats to parachute Allanah into once some of the current crop of Labor losers start retiring. Sooner or later the party will realise that it will need her at the next election after seeing the intellectually lazy McGowan in action over the next couple of years.


    • Rolly says:

      Regardless of the propaganda of incumbent governments, the general public will remain asleep and blissfully unaware of the manner in which they are being robbed of their labours and resources by avaricious sociopaths.
      The “Intellectually lazy” are the ones who fall for the never ending confidence tricks to which they are subjected by politicians, industrialists and religionists alike.
      Sucker bait.


    • JaneZ says:

      Who do you like for mines minister, my ning? Has Johnston done himself in with the Steven Smith business?


  12. Bag O'Turnips says:

    The people of Hillarys may have banished Rob “Bobby” Johnson, the former Police State Min… oops, State Police Minister, who was after the bongs in 2012 (and though that didn’t quite work, he was chasing down synthetic weed, copping a few deli owners), but only to end up with Peter Katsam-bananas, who is the very model of RWNJobbery, with their spiteful contest culminating in a late-night gloating voicemail, quite likely under the influence of few too many bevvies.

    Forget about focussing the TWOP resources upon the inner suburbs, I think that Craigie, Padbury, and especially the blue-blood Kallaroo and Hillarys proper may be the suburbs to go Worst hunting if they think that Katsam-bananas is representative of their interests. Not quite the same easy pickings as the genuine dereliction (and the “authentic” type “crafted” by hipsters) of the Inner East, but that of a different kind, much darker of the soul kind. No doubt plenty of Coci and suspect 80s and 90s residential edifices of nouveau richedom: no shortage of Mock-Federations, PoMo Shitboxes and Tuscanstrosities to pick over and rightfully mock!


  13. you'll get wet says:

    I was struck by lightening. An indirect strike. In Weipa. Stepping between trawlers tied up at Evans landing. I was straddling the bows of two boats when it struck, jumping over the bow rails. I didn’t know it was lightning, thought it was thunder because it was the loudest thing I’d ever heard and made me shake inside for hours afterwards. I didn’t find out it was lightening til I heard someone in the stubby hut say the boat I was stepping from had been struck and the wheelhouse electrics zapped out. Not long after that the skipper of one of the Cape boats, it may have been the Cape Bedford, was sucked through the screw while diving on fouled nets. A deckie had put the boat into gear while he was down. We never found out why. Why would anyone do such a dumb thing? We trawled for his body. We only found pieces of rubber flipper. I got a staph bug in my knee and when the doctor lanced it he squeezed out a sheep’s brain. In the ten bed hospital a nurse rolled up a bandage and plugged the hole in my knee. It was deep like a gnamma hole. The first antibiotic didn’t work – it was a flesh eating staph – we called it Karumba Rot. The cook got drunk so they gave us money to buy fish and chips. We walked to the shop in our pyjamas. The matron didn’t like the doctor, a newbie from cairns, so she let a taipan loose in his office. A guy brought them in to milk the venom. When we left we shot down the powerlines between Weipa and Evans landing. They banned our fleet for the rest of the year. Weipa was full of cunts. Probably still is.


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