Outrage Sunday 262 portents

What is going to happen? The collapse in trust of the usual sources is nearly complete. The sheeple saw through the attempted bribe of $10 chicens. Economists, meteorologists, astrologers: hopeless. In Midland they are using Cheezels to divine what will happen with interest rates. img_4579
In Claremont they have turned to cards to decide if they should sell the diamond mine. There are rumours some have reverted to hepatoscopy. img_4594
In Mosman Park they set fire to, er, grass trees to decide just about anything. The smoke drifting across Wellington Street is ominous. img_4442

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1 Response to Outrage Sunday 262 portents

  1. el guisto says:

    It would be better if they set fire to the whole burb, not just the grass trees…


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