Outrage Overseas Cambodge

A delightful evening tonk up the river from Kampot. We anchored to watch the sunset. There were young things on top (tony English and American accents: Ivy League types on NGO work?); silent and seething Frenchmen (reflecting on lost rubber plantations?); smoking Chinese. Then we saw SUPpers! Gaaaah. If someone had laid down yoga mats on the shore I would’ve got out the AK47. 

 We dined at Kep…aka Crabtown! Cambodia has a Crabtown! The seafront is vibrant. Beach chairs for hire, street food, toilets where you pay. Never happen at Cottesloe.  

 In fact Cambodge is on the ball when it comes to big things. This roundabout – as well as rivalling anything in Bunbury – features a durian and the other Kampot fruits (mangosteen, rambutan, pineapple). 
 Ciao for now! I’m off to watch a trash movie about heroic media workers: nice!  


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8 Responses to Outrage Overseas Cambodge

  1. Reign of Error says:

    Pre-canal era Mandurah Kanyana Festival mascot (not many blue mannas in Cambodian waters). After a quick respray, Bondy repurposed it as the Yanchep Sun City entry statement before the infamous Atlantis Marine Park trademark infringement stoush erupted. Word on the street has it that it was later recapitalised by Rothwells for $9.2M and sent offshore. Warrants a text to Paul Barry


  2. Bunbarian says:

    I might have to show that picture to the Bunbury Farmers Market and suggest they sponsor a giant carrot for the Eelup roundabout.


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