Outrage Sunday 229 lurk every day

Lurk every day: sound advice for a Jizz-propelled gerbalist. And much lurking was done outside 2 Bayview Terrace, in the Grove. A State Administrative Tribunal member summed the saga up thus: “”You have a situation…where someone made an application to build a beautiful home for a family…for whatever reason, it came off the rails. These things happen: I understand completely.” How will next year’s demolition proceed? Better get the Jizz serviced. I hope I’m not rosecuted!watercorptajIMG_1961


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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 229 lurk every day

  1. Zuben says:

    So although zoologically it is a gerbil, when associated with a particularly intimate form of interspecies communication it is a gerbal ?

    Is the latter considered a vegetarian practice ?


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