Outrage Sunday 115 confessions

Two more pics from the heart of the Blackwood Valley. No teens, tweens, pre-adolescents, or pre-teens THANK you. nochildrenInside I found some titillating literature: a steal at $4! confessionsHow about those Dockers! Both TLA and the Rainmaker were predictably sclerotic last night. I got the sense they felt as though they’d been given a damn good rosecuting. rosecutedAt least the Rainmaker has his invisible gangster suit on which to fall back in these victorious purpled times: no-one will see him seething with rage.photoGood times. So good I splashed out $125 at City Farmers for this gorgeous object. It’s meant to go in the fish tank, but – what the hell! I’m going to dangle it from my rear-vision mirror. Is it a Be or Bf109? ME109

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7 Responses to Outrage Sunday 115 confessions

  1. Shazza says:

    DFOC proving it’s hard to find a worst in beautiful Nannup.

    Go Dockers!


  2. orbea says:

    Rosecrucian? or just Hang Cocked?


  3. Pete F says:

    What font is that sign in? Not worst for the sign by the way.


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