Outrage Sunday 201 the Argument of His Blog

i sing of prawns, of Prados, pills, and powers,

Of perennial unvibrant wowsers.

I sing of arseholes, cockcarts, ‘burners, trains,

Of loungerooms, lounges, and drivers without brains.

I write of uncouth love, and the excess

Of it and its push-shoving wantonness.

I sing of spews, of drains, and, short and long,

Of prams, of Old Spice, and Hyde Park dugong.

I sing of gates of star, which, at first blush

Shuttled me to the graveyard of the bong,

To report on toilets that do not flush

And the tree of the everlasting thong.

I write of worst, I sing (and ever shall)

Of Po-Vi, and reckon to have it all.


(With apologies for any inconvienience to Robert Herrick).

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7 Responses to Outrage Sunday 201 the Argument of His Blog

  1. you'll get wet says:

    ‘i sing of prawns’

    Breaking. Elvis found alive on Rotto

    ‘Goodbye mama prawn Papa shake my hand [good luck son!]
    Dem prawnboats are a-coming for to take me to Groote Eylandt’


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