Never Underestimate…

…how low people will go for so little return. And it’s how it should be! Two efforts from Nigel. One in Walpole, one Gnangara. Perhaps the erasure of the traditional owner name in Walpole makes it a little more political? And the Wanneroot joke sign action has been going for at least 30 years.



About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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3 Responses to Never Underestimate…

  1. GivDBird says:

    they say what we’re all thinking


  2. mancey says:

    Heh, that circular poo map looks a little like the lower intestine and rectum


  3. NF#1 says:

    There once was a jolly young trickster
    Who liked to deface public fixtures
    Subtracting or adding
    A letter so gladding
    ‘Till becoming Banksy type hipster


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