Dead Kennedy

Did Lisa She-Ra Scaffidi get control over Kings Park? Or did it die in the arse with Bong Banning Barnett’s boundary bungling? If she has it, perhaps she can turn her attention to Governor Kennedy’s Fountain. I seem to remember that crackpots used to extol the vibrancy of its water, filing filthy plastic containers with its life draining goodness. Now. Not. By James P N.image image image image image image

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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24 Responses to Dead Kennedy

  1. Dylan H. says:

    In my view more in touch with Classic Kings Park. Does anyone have any photos of that pond with an island in the middle back when it was filled with what looked like a diarrheary spooge?


  2. Orbea says:

    Brilliant!! Worstalicious


  3. NF#1 says:

    Had totes forgotten about this spot, and great photos, but the medical waste? How did it even get there? I mean, the bag is clearly stamped with the words “infection control” etc. That’s some serious shit.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Does the vibrancy never end?

    Though this is definitely ‘post’ something. Adequate funding perhaps.
    It is, after all, much more important to erect new monuments to oneself than to honour and maintain those of past illuminati.

    Won’t someone think of the children Asian visitors?


  5. GivDBird says:



  6. El Guisto says:

    Wonderful example of the current trend towards Post Apocalyptic style public works, as being embraced by most of WA’s councils.
    I feel with the current high temps we are enjoying the race will be on for Best Dead Oval or Best Dry Swimming Pool.
    And nobody complain about the heat…remember Colonoscopy Colin says “youse all don’t need no stinking a/c, youse bunch o’ lazy retards”


  7. HighgateJohnny says:

    Also dead is the little frog pond at the entrance to the old museum behind the gaol at the Perth Cultural Centre.


  8. Zuben says:

    This sort of urban environment excites She Ra and others of her adventuresome kind , for whom placemaking there must also be in any ol town worthy of the name ‘ vibrant ‘ .

    Being centimeters away from a motor speedway both enhances anomie and provides the flaneur a certain je ne sais quoi of urban ambience


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