Outrage Sunday 174 dolphin boomerang

Yes I said dolphin boomerang. Magic happens at the brick wall on James Street in Guildford. I felt like my angel was injecting me with vibrancy. Or do I mean my wanjina? What the hell. dolphinboomerangDolphin boomerang. Away out, man! There’s a bit of the beatnick in all of us. As Sir Les Patterson says: never trust a man who doesn’t smoke. awayoutKrazy Kym and I were baffled by the people on the bridges over the Mitchell Freeway. Were they expecting a Bunbury roundabout to be installed? Are they queueing extra early for the Skyshow? We Woogled on the way to up there but were none the wiser. Anyone? bridge2bridge3bridge1

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11 Responses to Outrage Sunday 174 dolphin boomerang

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’m assuming they were on the Bridge to watch the Salvos Bikie Toy Run to Joondalup


  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the Emperor has a Pedestrian Congestion Tax on that bridge.


  3. Rong1 says:

    Perhaps the Emperor has a Pedestrian Congestion Tax on that bridge


  4. El Guisto says:

    What you can’t see is the pile of rocks they are getting ready…


  5. Shrieking Wombat Minge says:

    More journalism failure. Get up on the fucking bridge and ask them questions. I give up.


  6. Orbea says:

    The annual ‘Fat Cunts on Harleys – here Salvos have a can of Spam’ motorcycle ride. ‘O look there’s Grandad/Grandma’


  7. Dudue says:

    They were waiting for the Xmas pageants to go past enroute to the stupidity.


  8. Anonymous says:

    They were waiting to drop things on cars but forgot the things.


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