Outrage Sunday 154 Fatsogram

I was at Parliament on Buswell business when this caught my eye. What a proud specimen! And the names! Mick Nanovich, Des Dans, Colin Jamieson (Opp Leader ’76-’78), Clive Griffiths! They were heady times: only 29 days earlier Charles Court shut the Fremantle line! treeplanting1treeplanting2Another blast from the political past: this was in Teh POST in 1988. Is it better or worse than dwarf-throwing? We will have to book one for Los Cuban Book Burning Book Club. fatsogramBack to modern times, in Nedlands. For some reason I found this enraging, and asked for Cutts the butcher after I knocked on the door. notunit18

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7 Responses to Outrage Sunday 154 Fatsogram

  1. Snuff says:

    Ce n’est pas l’unité 18.


  2. NF#1 says:

    A few points of order:
    – I’d completely forgotten about fatsograms (or fat-o-grams as I recall) until now. Bring ’em back I say.
    – I remain in possession of a 1979 certificate from the Shire of Wanneroo proclaiming my status as a Shire “Tree Warden.” Something about trees that year.
    – Colin Jamieson was my second cousin. Another cousin became a state Liberal MP much more recently, but we don’t talk about that.


  3. paracleet says:

    I know that guy copping the fatogram there. Never many degrees of separation in Perth Worsts.


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