Snuff’s Missing Links 15

And, to them, I say …

The … in the front.

One of my favourite tech writers, Nicholas Carr, (see Snuff’s Missing Links 1), on the work of knowing.

You talkin’ to me ?

Something is happening here … but you don’t know what it is … do you … Mr Jones

Full stop.

Subway Etiquette Manual.


If you’re still wondering what to get me for Xmas …

…or these.

Skip the ANL Choco Surprise Toys.

And finally, just in case anyone missed it earlier, (Snuff’s Missing Links 6), Terrible Real Estate Photographs continues to amuse and amaze.

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4 Responses to Snuff’s Missing Links 15

    • Rolly says:


      But, the truth of Nicholas Carr’s concern remains.
      There is no substtiute for “hands on” experience, which is, no doubt, why aircraft simulators are so much in use.

      We tend to forget the preciousness of the systems on which we place so much reliance: It is relatively easy to deliberately, or even accidentally, sabotage a system which is so intra – as opposed to inter – dependent. (That’s not in my dictionary – but it could be ;) )

      Is anyone really prepared for an irretrievable breakdown of the computors controlling the city’s water and sewerage systems, let alone a week or two without electricity?
      How does an urban dweller deal with a week of no water and no sewage disposal or the absence of trains, traffic lights, street lighting, refrigeration, petrol pumps, etc.?

      Melbourne airport just had a hiccough in its computors which created traffic delays, which are seriously expensive.

      Can anyone say that they are fully prepared for an internet seisure?

      Keep up your personal skills.

      You might yet need them, yet.

      (Thinks: Must plant another row of onions and another patch of potatoes.)

      We’ll all be roon’d………….


  1. petef says:

    Thanks Snuff, a couple of good reads in there.


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